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I am still waiting too.  My "fitting" was a week after yours, SartorialBuff, in Calgary.  Received an email about 2 weeks ago saying they should be in soon and an offer of $100 off the next order-  you probably got the same email too?


Having seen some others on this forum receive their product I am less concerned about a scam however 20 weeks is outrageous.  I suspect these guys either did not send the orders for some time or are using our funds to pay for prior orders so they're behind all of the time.  When I first investigated their website it said they have been in business since 2008 but from this forum and their actions it's pretty clear this was their first go at this.


Also, I have noticed that a suspect "shill" on this forum uploaded photos of a suit which suspiciously looks like one on their updated website.  Everything here is adding up to be a bad experience for me, you and many.  Too bad, as I was willing to be a strong supporter for these guys in my community of prospect buyers for for them.  Now, it goes the other way regardless of if the product actually turns out alright.

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I got my last order and was soo happy.  I just ordered a half dozen shirts.  The guy gave me an awesome deal too!  I love these guys

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I saw the groupon deal in my email today, came by here to see what information there was... this thread reeks of BS.  It sounds like a conversation between three clones.  

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I'm glad I stumbled on this thread as I have been thinking about getting a custom made suit. I think I will decide against this company.


Since the reviews on this particular company seem to be quite thorough, can anybody give me info on Crown Tailor? It's a gentleman based out of Thailand. I've been getting emails from him a couple times per year for about 4 years now, as he comes to the U.S. 2x each year. I was thinking about having him custom make a tux for my wedding.


He seems to be pretty legit, and he's said his qualities rival many of the well known brands, since they're often made in Asian countries anyway I figure he is likely telling the truth. Can't say much about his website, but from his emails he seems quite professional. Just wondering if anybody has ever used him.


And yes I could certainly rent. But for the price he does custom work for, I don't know why I would. Suits are around a couple hundred off the roll of fabric! Thanks in advance!

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Total rip off.  They assured us on November 20th that if we paid expedited shipping, we'd have the suit in 6-8 weeks.  Without it, it would take 10-12 weeks to be delivered.


We paid the extra shipping, and explained that we were buying the suit for an event Feb 4th.  Guess what?  It's Feb 19th, still no suit, and when I finally got a call back from Edmonton, the answer was "tough luck."


Someday, we may get a suit.  It might fit.  Who knows?  All I know is that they mislead us about getting in time for the only reason we bought it.  Tom might, perhaps, need a suit again in a year or two.  We would never have worked with them if they'd been truthful about delivery.

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Worktoomuch45, BeerNowPlease and Louddude11 were the same shill. All but one post or two per alias have been deleted.
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We finally complained to LivingSocial after some very unpleasant and unprofessional emails from the nice folks in Edmonton.  LivingSocial was great.

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Originally Posted by lelser View Post

We finally complained to LivingSocial after some very unpleasant and unprofessional emails from the nice folks in Edmonton.  LivingSocial was great.

What did LivingSocial say to you because they told me tough luck as I was able to go in for my fitting. 


My plan is to just call MasterCard and charge back Living Social. They can work it out from there.

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So I am also an unlucky purchaser of one of these Livingsocial deals and ordered and was fitted in Vancouver on Nov. 21, 2012 paid the expedited fee for my suits to be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks. BUYER BEWARE, it seems like they made the same promise to everyone else here, except those few people who seem to have received their suits, seems fishy to me!


Don't be fooled into buying, they come into your city with their supposed tricks and a laptop which spits out your order right in front of you, yet you can't get an ETA on delivery for any suits for anyone?


Don't let them take your money.

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My experience with Executive Custom Tailors:  I purchased two full suits from these guys through LivingSocial(Suit,shirt, and tie included).  When I went for my fitting I upgraded my suit material and coughed up an extra $395 for a nicer pair of suits.  It has now been over 17 weeks since my fitting and still no suits.  They have sent me one tie though! :)  It's been almost two weeks since I've contacted them last for an update and they have not sent me a reply.  It really is a shame, I was excited for my suits, and would have purchased three or four more suits from them if they had followed through on their end of the deal.  Two weeks ago, I asked them to have my suits to me by the end of this week, or refund my money so I can purchase elsewhere.  Come Saturday if they haven't sent me a reply, I'll be contacting LivingSocial and MasterCard to get my money back. 


There are several other companys that can make you a great suit.  I'll be trying one of their competitors for my next suits.  I would recommend that anyone considering these guys for a suit should shop around...unless you want one really expensive tie, then they are the guys for the job.

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I have had very similar experiences to a lot of the posters here.


I had my fitting in Calgary on November 17th and was expecting my suits in the 10-12 week time period they provided at the time.

I followed up with them in mid-February (approximately 12 weeks later - I gave them some grace period with Christmas in there) and was told that an email had been sent out letting people know that the orders were delayed by about 2 weeks and that I should check my junk folder - I never received said email.

2 weeks later (March 8th) I followed up again as I had not received my suits or any further updates and was told they would check into my order and let me know ASAP.

3 days later (not ASAP as far as I'm concerned) I followed up again to remind them I was waiting on a response.  They said they were still waiting to hear back from the "factory" (doesn't sound too custom to me) and then asked me to confirm the name that I booked my appointment under.  Luckily I had all of the order confirmation and receipt information and forwarded them copies of their own records.
On March 19th I followed up again and reminded them I was still waiting for some sort of update.  They informed me on March 22nd that my order was to leave Bangkok "this week" - since it was a Friday I'm not sure if they meant "within the next week" or what.


So we'll see if I receive anything this week as far as a shipping notification or any of that.  Even if my order does show up in the next 1-2 weeks it will be around 20 weeks for a 10-12 week delivery without so much as a notification or attempted explanation as to why.

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Just to chime in,


Same experience, except I do know of some people who have received suits (albeit last year)  My father in law and another person I know ordered these suits and received them (timeline must have been ok because they didn't complain too much).  I have seen my father-in-laws suit and it looks good, with a decent fit.  


Well now to my story!


Like many others we ordered late October where we were greeted by their "tailors" in a rented commercial space in Edmonton.  Their tailors appeared to be inexperienced and unprofessional.  After making our selections the added bill was ~$250 for upgraded fabrics, inlay, & shipping.  Shitty deal, however I can deal with that.


January is rolling around and I haven't received my suit so I begin calling, no responses to any of my messages.


February I start sending several emails and the only reply I get is along the lines, "your suit will come in the next 10 days" for Feb 21, 2013, 


March now, I continue sending emails and their response is that they are back logged but the suit will ship soon.  At this time I have also been in contact in Living Social.  Living social states, "We heard back from the merchant and they advised that all suits should be shipped out within the next 10 days." (March 22, 2013)


It is now April, and I am still no closer.  I think I will have to go through master card because I am not getting any definitive answers from the merchant.

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Just to let everyone know,


I have just received my suit (April 3, 2013 order confirmed November 19, 2012).  So far I have only tried on the pants and jacket (i'm at work) and they do fit as expected.  Only minor modifications will be required (take the jacket chest in) and they are based strictly and personal preference and I cannot fault Executive tailors.  Quality seems to be there, and I currently have no complaints, but I will go into more depth when I get the suit home.


More to come, stay tuned. I will be posting an unbiased review once I get to handle my suit some more and whether or not I would order again.

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Same experience here - absolutely horrible company.  I bought 2 deals, one from Groupon and one from Living Social, total of $600 to this company for a suit and three shirts for my boyfriend's birthday.  We went to the hotel meeting, which I thought went well and was very professional, albeit a sort of weird setting for this type of thing.  We dropped another $300 in upgrades for his suit while we were there, but we picked out 3 ties from their selection. 


That's about where the good experience stopped. 


At the meeting, I was assured we would have our order in 10-12 weeks.  At the 10 week mark, I emailed asking if they could check the status and give me a tracking number.  I was told they were a bit behind, and to be patient, it would be arriving soon.  12 week mark, I asked again, asked to confirm the name the order was under, when I was told that they were behind, and that all outstanding orders would be completed and shipped out within 10 business days.  So, at the 12 week mark, they hadn't even started making my suit!  I told them this was unacceptable, and that their customer service was terrible because the first person to reply obviously hadn't even bothered to actually check on my order.  I see that other people have been offered $100 off their next order on here, but they haven't offered anything to make up for this.  On a weekly basis since then, I've emailed asking about my order.  They always reply, but it is with more promises (Will be shipped next week, in the queue to be shipped, etc.) which are never kept.  It is now week 20.  No suit.  And 3 very expensive ties.


I might add Living Social were complete jerks and told me to resolve it with the company myself.  Which I have been trying to do, to no avail.


They have "assured" me once again that my suit has been shipped and that they are "attempting" to get me a tracking number.  I still have not received a number or the suit.  I will update you when (if) it arrives on fit and quality, but in my opinion, this experience isn't worth it even if it does actually fit my boyfriend.  And if it doesn't, I can't imagine the horrible customer service I would have to go through to get them to fix it!

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DO NOT order from these guys. I put in an order for over $800 last year on July 26th. It's April 7th of the following year and I still have yet to recieve my suits. I have contacted them multiple times and they keep telling me "it will be here mid- next week" etc. I hope to god the quality is atleast okay when it arrives. 

There are a lot of better options for MTM suits. 

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