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Originally Posted by luxetveritas View Post

Thanks for the help! No, I haven't altered it. Regarding the cut, this is supposed to be a "slim-cut" 36R from Calvin Klein. Are CK suits typically more conservative, or is it just the fit on me?

I don't know much about CK suits other than they're not quality suits. It's probably just the lack of nice styling that makes it look conservative. I was using the term conservative as a nicer term to use than what I meant... I meant that suit looks boring. Don't get too interested in slim-cut when looking at department store suits. Most of the time, they really aren't cut slim.

Regardless, taking the suit to a tailor will help. Next time you want to get a suit, I suggest going up a level in buying a suit. In the quality range of department store CK, you're not going to ever be happy with what you get.

You can get a decent suit for around 500 bucks. Save up, you'll be happier. Suit Supply, eHaberdasher's Benjamin suit, even Brooks Brothers 1818 on sale. Or, if you make it to NYC, Uniqlo is also quite nice fitting for slim guys. Heck, even H&M sometimes have suits that are inexpensive that fit somewhat decent for a slim guy like you.

Anyway, take your time. Browse the forum. Take a look at what people are wearing here (see What Are You Wearing Right Now thread). Not everyone dresses perfect, but there are always some interesting ideas. There are also a few really fantastic dressers here. Most of the time their items are made completely custom though, which is going to cost a lot, but can be incredibly rewarding if you like this kind of stuff.

edit: I take it back, the suit is somewhat slim fitting. It just needs to be altered.
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Some Macy's have Calvin Klein Xtreme slim fit suits and they are often on sale (~$200). Check those out. They fit me very nicely and have more shape/modern feel to them. They aren't what people here consider "high quality" but they are pretty decent unless you want to become a suit aficionado.
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^im curious as ro how those suits fit, the calvin klein Xtreme slim suits..have u seen their BODY slim line? Is it similar to that?
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eh, I've seen worse... shirt collar doesn't fit, please give that tie to charity.

as for the suit, if you're set on keeping it, then do some tailoring. clean up the back extra fabric, give some more shape to the body, maybe lengthen the sleeves, or in future move your shirt cuff buttons over so they don't fall over your hands. and definitely shorten the pants.

otherwise, welcome to the forum. start following the What Are You Wearing Today thread and get some basic idea of body shapes versus brands/cuts and take it from there...
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