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I had a LV key holder and a wallet less than 2 years ago. Neither are currently worth having around me. My cole haan wallet has help up significantly better.
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Brilliant thread. 


Is it normal to have to ask the Bond Street London store to repair a wallet bought in HK? Or am I reading it wrong. 

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What was their final reply by the way on the repair - u mentioned you got a reply finally right ...

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Hi all, here is my 2cents...



I travelled to Europe earlier this year and fell in love with LV Product (not instantly because of the price and Im not into fashion). I admire the Service and Quality of the product. I bought a sneaker boot ( and after worn them roughly about 3 times, I found the leather start deteriorating and the Ring around the shoe string loop also started to rust. I was told LV provide International warranty for at least 2 years on most of their product and some of them are lifetime warranty (bags etc) so I went to the Flagship store back in Melbourne. I was lucky on that day that the store manager served me and she took the appropriate action. she offered me to have the shoes repaired and if that's not avail she would refund me with gift Card or swap with another item.


Long story short, they are unable to fix it so she called all of the LV stores around the world for the same pair but unfortunately the shoes was too popular and they don't have my size. So she offered me a refund. I picked up another shoes ( ) and recently I bought this sneaker (


So I think sometime you need to be diplomatic in dealing with this situation and always speak to the right people (Manager)


I hope this helps...

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Hi all, I forgot to add my experience of buying Fake Item of eBay and the embarrassment that I suffered from it! 


If you happened to buy items online (eBay) is notorious for people selling Fake Item, make sure you check my Video on Fake James Wallet Video


Please note that LV won't authenticate your item and one way of getting them to "check it" is to request a Hot Stamp on selected items!


Enjoy the video and please leave a comment!

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