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Suntan stuff

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What can you recommend based on experience for a good sun tan lotion that won't stop the tan or ruin your skin? I've been using SPF8 on everything except my nose and cheeks which get a 30 and/or 15. Waterproofness is a must with my daily on-the-water routine. I heard that sun block goes bad after a year - is this true? Some clog pores, some don't ---- soooo many choices ---- help.
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I like Austrailian Gold; its not too thick and even the higher spf's give a good tan. I'll use 30 if im gonna be in the sun all day and still i get a tan. If im there for only a few hours ill use anything from 8 to 15.
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Mike C. \tI can only positively answer 1 of you questions, that I true year after year sunscreen does get weaker and lose spf. It drops 50% a year, 40 last year is 20 this year. During the summer I am also out side about 50 hours/week coaching and training. My mom found this stuff called No-Add (no advertising). This stuff works like you cannot imagine, great stuff.. Honestly I think she gets it from the dollar tree. \t\t\t\tparsonsdb
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