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Dress Shirt Quality Rankings?

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I'm new to the world of nice dress clothes, and I was wondering if anyone has compiled a rough estimate of dress shirt quality by brands or knows where I can find one. I think this would be really useful for newbies like me. For example, if I see an Eton and an Etro shirt on sale at the same price with similar designs, I don't know which one to go for at the present time.


Examples of name that would be on such a list (ideally) include: Eton, Etro, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Ike Behar, Loro Piana, Borrelli, Ralph Lauren, Corneliani, Armani, Charles Tyrwhitt, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Zegna, Zegna Sport, etc.


Also there are a lot of Italian sounding designers that seem to be of cheap quality, so a brief list of which ones to avoid would also be helpful.



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Should be able to find a lot of information about this using the shirt function.

Quickly in no particular order:

Emma Willis

All of which are great quality but a bit like comparing apples and oranges.
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He means search function and there are threads on this, although IMO you should be focused first on what brands fit you best and then on price point vs quality.
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Yes, the shearch function...
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Do you really rate RLPL that highly?
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Originally Posted by Loathing View Post

Do you really rate RLPL that highly?

No particular order that list.
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There was a thread covering this topic a while ago. There are easily 15 - 20 shirt brands that stand up to meticulous scrutiny. Even some of the lower tier brands should not necessarily be discounted. A well fitted shirt looks amazing, whether lower tier or upper tier. Go to a department store and play around.

My local Saks is having amazing discounts, Kiton shirts for $110, Brioni for $70, Truzzi for $60, and a bunch of Eton shirts for $40. Check out your nearest Off Fifth, perhaps they are having crazy discounts.
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