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Interview Outfit Opinions

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on this combination for a job interview. Is the overall look not conservative enough or do you think that it is generally fine? I will be wearing brown wing tips with the outfit as well. Please don't mind the terrible knot in the picture; I just threw it on to give everyone an idea.


Any opinions are appreciated. Thank you!



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What are you interviewing for?  What industry?  Location?  What level (entry, management, etc.)?

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Definitely going to need more details, but I would say not conservative enough.
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Sorry for the lack of details. It is for a senior-level position in the technology industry.

Hopefully this helps!
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Marginal - change the shirt to solid white, consider a less shiny tie.

The rest will probably get you by just fine in the IT industry.

If you want to up the 'safe' quotient even further go for black shoes.
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Is this a senior technical position or senior management?


If it's a technical position like a system analyst, it's probably okay.  If it's a VP or deals with clients, I'd go a little more conservative.  The peak lapels with high gorges doesn't seem to fit for that situation, and I'd go with a simpler, more traditional shirt.

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Just button the neck button on your shirt and you'll be fine. I'd probably leave out the pocket square.
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It's for a senior-level technical position. I'm thinking that I should swap the shirt for a plain white one based on the advice so far.
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Swap the shirt. Go with black shoes in the tech industry. While there are plenty of tech guys who wear brown shoes with black belts, they also tend to avoid brown and grey together.
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