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Basically i have naturally wavy hair, as you can see in the 3rd pic, sorry i dont have any better pics of me with wavy hair, i hardly ever wear my hair like that. My current hair routine consits of straightening my hair upwards and then using a wax and hairspray to set it into place. I currently have short sides, not so short on the top, and a tapered v shape at the back. Looking to see what other hair styles would suit my face and if there was anything better then my straight spike look. Dont worry im not usually that rugged like in the first pic, im more after the designer stubble type



Also if you could also help me with what sunglasses would suit my face, i always find it hard to pic sunglasses because they usually look too wide and big for my face and i look stupid.


Anywho thanks for taking the time out to read and a even bigger thanks to anyone willing to reply and help me out