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Originally Posted by NeilChristopher View Post

the webstore will run for another week or so, please feel free to use the buyfornow code


Ironically, it's byefornow. 'Both of you guys' are misspelling it.
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I was just reading his post, must have locked in somehow.


simple mistake, on my part.




added I have PM them on here asked to have the thing at the bottom removed.   again, sorry for my mistake.

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wait a sec, are you saying that "robindad" isn't affiliated with ARN Mercantile?
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Yes I am, we had a brand in Japan, which was just a design job with Ships called 'Robins dad', they wanted to call it Neil Christopher, but I'm not comfortable with that kind of exposure, I have no idea how or why, but the code was just for friends and family not general release, when it went out and the first order came in with it from someone who was not F&F we talked about it thinking someone we knew had shared it with one of there friends, so we decided to let it pass.  after that a few more came in and  we check the wedsite and found that this site was the main link in there were a few other site, but this was the highest so I came on here to find out why.


and found this thread..


I do not mind that someone took our old brand name, nor am I  that bother about the code, it has cost us a fair bit of profit, but it was not a huge amount of business and the wedstore is closing in a few days.


I know, just from reading your posts on here and most of the threads that you care about your site and the people who post on it, I have not been posting on here (arn thread ) much,  I have been on the other thread more.  It's not my way, in fact in email with a few of your members I have told them of past issues with forums and post by people saying they are from companies they are not from.  it worries me, after 4 years as ARN we have not been a presents on the web.  it's not our way.  nor have we chased press nor pushed past our means.


I am thankful to the members of this forum who have bought from us and hope they are happy with what they have.


I PM'd this person when I came on here and thanked them and I have PM'd them to remove the discount code (which they have done, I notice)  but they have never answered me.   I'm not bothered by this .


if you wish for me to leave the forum I understand, some of the posts made on Nigel Cabourns thread were hurtful to me, but that is the way of it.


Neil Christopher

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thanks very much for the response/clarification.
I would be extremely frustrated if I were in your shoes and found people who were not affiliated with my business acting on my behalf.

That said, I don't think anyone wants you to leave the forum!

On the contrary, I think it's great when brands are represented on the forums as it raises awareness about products we may otherwise not know about. (e.g. I'd never heard of ARN until the post of the email with the code)

I could see it being annoying with the code going out to more people than intended, but maybe look at it as a marketing expense. Now all these SF members know about your brand and those that have ordered products and like them will likely be repeat customers.

It may not be your way to promote your brand on a forum like this, but consider the potential benefits.
I feel like a presence on SF can bring a unique opportunity for merchants/brands since you're marketing to a very savvy and particular group of consumers. There are many examples of brands that are "SF approved" and have enjoyed great success.

something to consider....

regardless, I'm thrilled I now know about ARN and am excited to see what's next.
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How were some of the comments on the Cabourn thread hurtful, Neil? It seems everyone had a good opinion of ARN.

Also, I don't understand your explanation about the 40% 'byefornow' code. The email you sent to me with the code said "please feel free to share the code, there is no limit set on it"

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I believe you got in touch through the website (our website) and the email was sent to friends of ARN, people who had taken the time to contact us and had shown an interested in the process and garments.   This list is not a big list, in fact over the many years I’ve been in the industry this is the smallest mailing list I’ve seen.  But I’m very happy to have anyone interested in ARN, it’s not an ego company,  we’re just people, a real family running this, no staff, only ever had one student come in, in the last 4 years, he was with us for 2 weeks.


Anyway, ‘the share it there is no limit’ section on the email is said from the point of view that you are a understanding person who knows this is a small family business, in fact it states this right after the share this bit….

‘Thank you again, please feel free to share the code, there is no limit set on it.


ARN is a small family business and as such wants to thank you for all your support. The only reason I can see why people make clothes is so others can wear them’


It said in a way I’d hoped would show a trust and understanding between you and us. As with all our emails to people who buy, we make less the 600 pcs each season (1200 per year) the people who have bought from us (and then contacted us) on the whole are understanding people, I’m open in my emails in the same why I am with my other friends.   The ‘mail out list’ is, in a large part, made up of people we know.


ZAZAZA, said ‘I would be extremely frustrated if I were in your shoes’  well, I can’t be as in a big way it’s my fault, my wife tells me I’m a little to open with people, but trusting is my default setting.


I believe that we should always look for the good and not expect the bad in people, made a few big mistakes in that mind set, but also made a few wonderful ones.



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The web store is closing in two days, I want to thank you for your support and understanding that we do not normally do direct sales, as such we may have been a little 'different' in our dealing with you. From a personnel point of view, I have learnt a fair bit and been lucky enough to meet some nice people.

I don't think we will be doing the web-store again, but thank you.

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Neil, I appreciated the opportunity of being able to order directly from Arn. I have placed another order, this time for a second jacket and a pair of trousers!

If you decide not to keep the web-store, please keep us informed of the best shops to pick up your clothes. Thanks.
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Has anyone who ordered from the site recently received any sort of tracking # on their shipment?
I'm going on 10 days since the order was confirmed with nothing....
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sorry the secondary shipper has had a few issues, I'll have something for you tomorrow.



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Neil, if you would also send me an update about the shipping it would be much appreciated.

Cheers, John
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I didn't get an update on tracking info but I did receive my jacket today, so I'm happy!

I'm exhausted so can't elaborate, but initial impressions are....holy crap, I love this jacket! It's beautifully unconstructed and the details are amazing. Esp the buttons! They're kind of a bitch to put on but they are beautiful.

Also, fit right out of the box is surprisingly good. Def not cabourn boxy, totally more refined and the articulated arms are really nice.
I think it's a winner, only downside is that I feel as if im going to want more ARN pieces and it's a bummer the webstore is shuttering.
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Which jacket did you get? From your comments, it sounds like a great jacket. If your order was delivered, I should be getting mine soon. Definitely looking forward to getting the Deck Coat!

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Originally Posted by mcqueen View Post

Which jacket did you get? From your comments, it sounds like a great jacket. If your order was delivered, I should be getting mine soon. Definitely looking forward to getting the Deck Coat!

I picked up the medi coat , only thing missing now is temps appropriate to wear it. was 95 with about 90 percent humidity today. yeesh.
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