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Canali Exclusive - Dolce & Gabbana Martini

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Hi, I have looked everywhere but have not found a clear answer so thought I would try here.


I am in a situation where I am about 37" chest and 31" waist. Zegna suits that are drop 7 fit me pretty well but I don't want to spend that much $$ right now.


I tried on a Dolce & Gabbana Martini suit which was a perfect fit. (38R) minimal alterations required. Pants just hem and jacket just sleeve length.


I also tried on some Canali Coats in a Size 38R - L13290 and it felt a bit big but the store did not have any canali in a 36R.


SO here is my issue...


I have found a Canali Suit online its the Exclusive series model L15280 in a 36R. According to the pit to pit, chest, waist, shoulders, length measurements it will be nearly identical to the fit of a Ben Sherman jacket that I have. The pants however would be a 30 as its a drop 6 if I am correct. The seller says they can be let out 2" which should make them fit. The seller also offers a return policy but I don't want to risk it if anyone else has experience with these suits and knows how the pants would fit.


For reference

E Zegna I fit their 38R and usually a BIT loose but fit well enough that even without alterations it doesn't look sloppy. their pants are 31 and fit perfectly.

Hugo Boss Jam Sharp- I fit 36R but the jackets still tend to be too big around the chest/under arm area. their pants are a drop 6 but fit perfectly and measure to a 16.75" but I had them let out. Thigh is pretty good.

Dolce & Gabbana Martini I fit in a 38R and its a perfect fit.


The Canali size falls in line with all the suits above but the pants are worrying me. If it helps my measurements are



Height/weight - 5'9" 165lbs

Chest - 37" 

Shoulders - 17.5" 

Around shoulders - 45"

Waist - 32"

Hip - 34.5"

Seat - 39"


I realize I have written a lot but I need to make a call ASAP as I have a deposit on one of the suits which will only last till today.



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I wouldn't worry about the Canali pants. They often have an extra inch to start, and have plenty of extra fabric. D&G Martini is a garbage suit, especially for the money.
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Thanks for the response. I don't know know much about the D&G martini other than it fits me best off the rack and I liked the look of it. E Zegna is what I wanted but it's pricier and I can't get the fabric I want in enough time for the event i need it for.

I really like the canali tho.
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