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Sizing on websites

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Hey guys im currently working on the finishing touches for a new online clothing store that carries urban and street wear.  I need some opinions on what people prefer when it comes to sizing of garments, any input would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.


Here are the 2 options, if theres another way to go about it please let me know.

1.  Measure every piece, of every size so we have exact measurements listed.

2.  Have a general sizing chart for each size and if a customer needs exact sizing they can email us and we can do that for them.


We are leaning towards the 2nd option, but i want to know what you guys think.

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The SF world would probably vote the most for #1, but in the general public #2 is probably OK. I'd say that more and more people want to see the exact sizes before buying, but that is still a small minority. Even thinking about this is a good step because you never know who will come to your site. So my vote is #2, with a note on each product page to email customer service for more specific measurements. Good luck!
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Why can't you do both?

First chart is the more generic one so it's accessible to the public and then a separate link within that says "advanced measurements" and you build a separate table for those.

Then it cuts out the need to email and wait for a response because you'll often lose sales when a customer just does not want to be bothered with having to do that.

Boom. Give me some money now for this idea.
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While both options require time and resources, I personally prefer the 2nd option.

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I have trouble with standard sizes not fitting, so I won't buy clothing online unless:


1)  I've tried it on in a brick and mortar store first;

2)  I can return it for free if it doesn't fit; or

3)  I can see the exact sizing measurements.


I'm the guy sending you emails asking for the jacket length in inches.  Most places don't post this online, so I really appreciate the ones who do and, all else equal, will make an extra effort to shop at those places.


But I'm not the typical customer for most places either, so you have to evaluate the impact to your bottom line of gathering the measurements vs. only doing so when asked vs. not doing it at all.


If you're targeting people like me who have trouble finding clothes that fit, do it proactively.  If you're audience is broader, I probably wouldn't bother initially unless it were very cheap/fast; I'd wait to see how many requests I received.

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thanks for the great input, im going to add a few specifics about the site so it gives you a better understanding on the terms and all that.


-pricing for mens clothes on the site typically shirts are anywhere under the $100 range usually between $40-65 jackets are between $100-300$ usually although there are some around the 700-900 range....i used that comparison because shirts are least expensive and jackets usually are most expensive garments, all prices are Canadian dollars as it is a cdn store but ships worldwide.


-as of right now the return policy can be changed and our return policy is exchange or credit into your account no returns, and if you exchange or return for credit then customer pays for the shipping charges.


-shipping in canada is $15 flat rate orders over 250 are free, in u.s. $25 flat rate orders over $300 are free


now given this information how do you feel about the whole sizing chart thing? would general sizing with the option to email for exact measurements be good enough or do you feel exact measurements is a must? 

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