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your piece of advice on Italian-french style

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Hey everyone!! thanks for reading!


well, im from south america, im 18, i've always dressed pretty well but recently i decided to follow a different style, and i chose the italian mixed with some french style. Here's what i plan to wear:


-- Medium or deep V shirts, shuch as armani exchange, antony morato, benneton

-- Leather vests and jackets and  made by my tailor xDD

-- Skinny pants, can be leatherette pants, cool jeans, etc. such as chevignon

-- Moccasins for night and shoes such as lacoste for day

-- Accesories ( Here im kind of lost) ,suspenders,  silver necklaces, a silver or white watch depending the ocassion, etc


I'd like to know your opinion about what i've just picked. I've never been to those countries so im not an expert. Aldo, some famous names that follow this style


Here are some examples of what im thinking:




Here's James matador, i love this style, oif course its not italian but i can modify it a little bit




Any opinion will be appreciated!

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You need to add lederhosen to complete the look.
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I would say that this sounds like streetwear & denim, but I try to stay away from that kind of street...

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okay...thanks for replying, then what clothes would you suggest for this look?

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assuming you're not trolling... which is a long stretch...

what part of those monstrosities is French or Italian...
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lol, totally wrong sub-forum...try here: http://www.styleforum.net/f/13/streetwear-and-denim


Jersey-shore look ain't Italian or French! ;)

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