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Originally Posted by Suyi View Post

@Grove, you give too little credit to how much work goes into making those boxy, blaring goretex hooded shells into a fashionable Veilance field jacket. Styling is R&D

Your 100% right on this on Suyi. Not only is facing material on the AV products sometimes quite different to the mainline, but prototyping time after time to make sure things fit and function perfectly is most definitely considered R&D.
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Some arcteyx veilance here for 25%off


code- easter25

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They are from 2013 SS. I wonder if they didn't update their pictures or are selling last year's stock.

Nevermind. The pictures from veilance this season was darker than last years, hiding side panel zipper! That was embarrassing
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Anyone here have an Isogon jacket? I do sort of need a do-it-all softshell.
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Could someone well versed in the brand, or the tech fabric please tell me why this is $95 more expensive than this one ??

An extra side pocket, and buttoned cuff (composite jacket) versus 90 gram lighter weight (actuator jacket). That's whopping 25% lighter. While I am a fan of 5 lbs waxed cotton jacket over featherweights like these, I can't wrap around my head how actuator is much cheaper with seemingly better specs to me.
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The main difference is 3 layer Gore-tex vs Gore-tex Windstopper. Windstopper is still a nice fabric in its own right, it isn't fully waterproof and is a cheaper fabric.
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If you have checked the links more carefully, the cheaper jacket has gore tex and more expensive one has wind stopper. I do not mean to be rude, but what is your point?
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Yeah, you're right my mistake....but that reply definitely comes across as rude. Maybe you should take your own advice and look at the two jackets closer. You'll notice that the details on the two jackets are different.
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BIggest differences is that windstopper, while being less water resistant, is more breathable than gore-tex. Also the composite has that "stretchy fabric". It's more suitable for everyday urban city wear.

Also there are slight differences in appearance and design. Veilance to begin with was never made to be solely functional so you have to remember aesthetics will always be heavily added into the price point. Many Veilance products are already priced much higher than their mainline counterparts with very minor differences in performance but a much heavier focus on appearance.
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Technically, these jackets serve different purposes. Soft shell-type jacket vs hard shell. Soft shells will typically be more breathable and made with a stretchy material, but not really waterproof. Hard shells are completely waterproof and less breathable, the main purpose is a barrier for rain. If you're just wearing these for everyday wear it doesn't really matter.
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^ I have the Actuator and use it during spring/summer, very lightweight and waterproof also have a Veilance hard shell that is just to warm (does not breathe) to wear in warmer climates.


FWIW...The Actuator is the only Veilance piece I own that has wear issues, slight fraying/pilling on the elastic on one cuff, this  would not stop me from buying the jacket or one like it again.



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Thanks for the comments. I wonder how the composite jacket will perform as while it does have a fabric with bigger pores for breathability it does weight good amount more. One way to find out! smile.gif
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Probably appealling more to us Brits and Scandinavian/European cousins but I recently got to see the upcoming Haglöfs 19Fourteen collection.


Some really nice pieces, the standout for me being the Lima Q parka.   Seriously tough 300D faced 3L pro-shell. I forgot to ask the weight but it was suprisingly light and soft for such a hardwearing material, my guess would be around 900g. Subdued logos, slim fit, excellent articulation, impeccably finished and fully spec'd with loads of pockets, wired/foam old school snorkel hood and vented with pit zips so should be a lot more wearable than some of the other fashion orientated gore parkas. I'm told retail will be around £600.

If it had been Neo-Shell instead of Gore it may well have been my dream parka!


No photos but found this press shot on google. The one I handled was black.


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Interesting. Do they have any online stockists?
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Originally Posted by Suyi View Post

Interesting. Do they have any online stockists?

I think it will be stocked by Haglöfs main dealers alongside their mainline.


Just to add. The 19Fourteen collection is a nod to their past and 100 year history so many of the pieces have a retro look but with tech fabrics and manufacturing. There was also really nice take on a fishtail and a lovely pertex down jacket with 2 field jacket type chest pockets. All really well tailored and slim fitting.

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