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Where is the best place to pickup layer pieces i.e. merino tights and socks? I look pretty bad in denim or cotton trousers, so, going to just layer up and wear my spring weight wool trousers that drape a whole lot better.

Was considering Uniqlo tights but they are seasonal and probably not as warm. Plus, I'd prefer the wool fabric, authenticity in material versus a blend of polyester.

I know @Tigerprawn is a big advocate of merino base layers. Help me out (:


Aclima lightweight longs

Rapha merino socks

Rapha winter socks


I bought a pair of Uniqlo leggings to try out and although heatech is a decent enough material, I like their Tee's, they are let down by very dodgy seams and generally feeling very cheap and nasty. If you're going down the syththetic route then I'd recommend choosing something from any of the proper sport specific brands.  HellyHansen Lifa  are fairly cheap but better designed and constructed with slimmer cuffs, flatlock stitching and better quality elastic waists.

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@deadsunrise any update on that finisterre stuff?

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I got the package yesterday and I'm wearing one of the tees today (sky blue). I like it a lot, the fabric feels  almost the same as an icebreaker tech t-lite, very thin, holds the shape nicely.  Have only used it for a couple of hours so I cannot say much about it.  I would buy more if they had other interesting colors.


Sizing.. Portland S is exactly the same as icebreaker S and same as Eddy M.  I don't know why they have two different models because they are almost the same, just one size smaller on the Eddy and a bit shorter sleeve (it's supposed to be a base layer vs normal tee).  I think I like them more than outlier's cause outlier tshirts are huge and I'm not sure how they will hold the shape, finisterre seems tougher

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cool.  damn, just realized their sale is over now.  got some time to contemplate purchasing through them now

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Anyone here own the Isaora 3l tactical shell? How is this jacket? Thinking of getting's on sale for half price
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Been away for a the merino conversation...I am wearing my IB zip hoodie now pretty much wear it constantly.  No real signs of wear but have only had it for one season.  I also have a few Ibex pieces.  The problem with Ibex is their colors and design can seem a bit granola, whereas the IB, Isaora and Outlier are slicker.


The Isaora Tac Shell is stupid sick...if I didn't have so many jackets as it is I would try it.


Looking forward to the merino comparison as I am a wool slut at this point.

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So Isaora is going the way of Outlier and moving to online-only sales.

I wonder if that's what that discussion about Machus dropping them was about a few pages back?

Either way, some of the new stuff looks really dope. Those water resistant pants, tech stretch sweats and leather combo bomber in particular.

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Scratch that about the knit stretch sweats. I thought they were just modeled with the cuff pulled up a bit, but they are actual capris length. :puzzled:



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I would think that Isaora is probably realizing that they need to cut down a bit on their operations because their finances aren't doing so well. I personally don't own any Isaora, nor do I really have any inclination towards their products. They seem to be stuck in a place where their products don't appeal to enough people, and then there's also the QC issues that have come up
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Some interesting looking stuff in the latest collection. That micro quilt looks cool.
Why the cropped sweatpants though? A easy money staple item turned into a niche crapshoot.
The inseams across the board are pretty damn short, which is a bummer for the tall folk.
Pricing is much better now, hopefully QC is brought up to speed along with the reboot.
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I only own 2 pieces from Isaora and both are pretty recent (6-12 months), but I haven't had any issues with quality at all.

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I was checking out Isaora's 3L riding pants and riding jacket for snowboarding, noticed they don't even list waterproof and breathability ratings. I emailed them but haven't heard a response, you'd think these are standard ratings that go along with all winter sportswear.

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^i asked the same thing last year and they said it was 25000/20000. but that was for last seasons shells.
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Got a response for Isaora, the riding pants and jacket listed on the site are 20,000/20,000. I'm also curious about quality because I'm expecting these to last a few seasons, I mean all the cheap "big snowboard brand" pants/jackets I've owned have gone out of style before they've shown signs of any wear.

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^I've worn the Isaora pants and shell jacket this entire season to snowboard (about 7 trips) and it is still in excellent shape so far.
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