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You can go without putting it in, it isn't required, but what reason could they have for asking?

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Originally Posted by deadsunrise View Post

^ thanks for the heads up, just ordered 3 tees and some boxers. I like that they have a nicer colour palette than other merino shirts. I'm trying to get different merino tees to make a review comparing all of them.  I like that finisterre has stopped making them 100% merino and are now 80% merino 20% poliamide. They say that 100% merino is not durable enough and with my experience with icebreaker I tend to agree. Let's see how they perform regarding smells and wearing them for 3-4 days.


Also got a nice camera (canon s120), will post some pics of everything when it arrives.

Possibly too performance orientated styling for your needs but Woolpower make top notch merino blended clothing.


Also worth a look are Houdini merino/silk blend and Rohan superfine merino.

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Let's start a spreadsheet of all the merino wool shirt providers and start ranking the quality (fibre width?) of their offerings. I nominate deadsunrise for the task :smarmy:

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I second the spreadsheet idea. 

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Originally Posted by Suyi View Post

Let's start a spreadsheet of all the merino wool shirt providers and start ranking the quality (fibre width?) of their offerings. I nominate deadsunrise for the task mwink%5B1%5D.gif

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ok, I have some links saved and will receive the finiesterre tees this week so I'll start something tomorrow.  Just plain merino t-shirts, like icebreaker t lite, or outlier's (120 to 200gms/2, discrete/no logos)

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really interested in what you think of the finiesterre tees.  might be picking some up soon

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^ finisterre tees have shipped today so they should be here on friday. I got both models Eddy and portland.  S in portland and eddy M, measurements are almost the same since Eddy is supossed to be a baselayer/undershirt.  I liked the colours and it's the same fabric so... will report about the sizing too.

I was working a bit on the list of tees, decided to make a minisite instead of a spreadsheet. I think I'll put it up tomorrow and we can talk about it and add the ones I forget. Reviews when I have more time, probably on the weekend.



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was looking into the henley's.  planning at trip to mt. kilimanjaro and I love merino for activewear while hiking.

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Where is the best place to pickup layer pieces i.e. merino tights and socks? I look pretty bad in denim or cotton trousers, so, going to just layer up and wear my spring weight wool trousers that drape a whole lot better.

Was considering Uniqlo tights but they are seasonal and probably not as warm. Plus, I'd prefer the wool fabric, authenticity in material versus a blend of polyester.

I know @Tigerprawn is a big advocate of merino base layers. Help me out (:
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Costco is definitely the place to go, I think it's a 3pack for $10, incredibly nice merino blend - 80% Merino Wool / 18% Polyester / 2% Spandex. I think they're under ladies, but who cares, they're socks

I like these for tights, but more pricey:

Honestly, Uni-Qlo decent enough for me, my mom LOVES merino wool though and buys me this stuff every time I come home, and I do appreciate it
post #792 of 1253 has 30% discount right now and icebreaker's 200 is very nice.

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yeah i do remember seeing some at Costco last time I was there. will check it out.
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+1 for costco socks if you can't afford smartwool or the likes, I mean for the price they're unbeatable. I've been wearing them exclusively since november and i don't see any signs of wear yet
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@gettoasty You'd be surprised on those Uniqlo tights, they're exceptionally warm, a lot lighter/thinner than merino tights, and I think they hold their shape better. Much better actually. However, you miss out on all the merino benefits like odor control.

You're around my area right? I'd say Uniqlo gets the job done at a fraction of the cost and would layer better. The only time I even wear my merino tights is when I go camping.

If you still prefer merino tights, I'd look at Icebreaker like @deadsunrise mentioned, but I'm a big fan of Smartwool. I can't speak for the current quality, but the tights I bought over two years ago with hard wear are still doing great.

One thing to note about merino, especially as a baselayer for pants is that it will wear down and pill quickly depending on what pants you're wearing and how rough the inside face is.
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