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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

what retailers sell some of the stuff mentioned in this thread? (prefer N.A.)


DressedDown's great Intro to Techwear guide includes a list



You should also check each brand's website for their current stockists.

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Thanks mate. I bought directly through acronyms site.
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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

If by cycling your mean short rides around a mostly flat city center, it's probably fine. It won't be a super breathable jacket.

Columbia is a huge company--or I should say, they make a huge array of products. (I used to work for them here in Portland OR). In the US, they suffer from a reputation as a mall brand, as they sell shit loads of cheep fleece in just about every dept. store known to man. However, they do make some excellent technical garments at their higher end--styling and colours are often terrible though, especially by SF standards.

It's worth noting that the EU and Asia have an entirely separate design team (still based in the US), so the product that's for sale there is 80-90% unique from the US line (there's some crossover, but the fit block for EU is slimmer overall, too).

So, that's a perfectly fine shell/rain jacket w/ simple styling, etc. But there's plenty of other options I would think for similar pricing.

What other options would you think of?

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I assume you mean that style at aprx that price?
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

I tried on a NC Cameraman and a Veilance at a shop a while ago and I had the same felling about both.

I have the cameraman and i've tried on veilance. I have to say the camerman though not technical superior since the Mackintosh portion of the jacket sucks at breathing, the jacket as a whole is closer to the 1200 dollar price point.
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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

I assume you mean that style at aprx that price?

I mean that style or something similar (slightly, but not too "technical") at approximately that price.

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Northface or patagonia
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What do you guys think of the Ace Hotel x Alpha Industries fish tail parka? Not super technical, but some nice waterproofing, etc. Anyone have a quick review or thoughts?

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11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi

$650ish after VAT discount


Not planning on buying it, but it looks pretty good.  Not sure about the price.



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picked up a stutterheim in white. plain and simple.

still looking for something more technical tho. and light.

anything out there in tiger camo this season?
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Check Maharishi.
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would love it if they did something with like pertex or whatever. interesting patterns tho
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The waterproof cotton on the ghost pieces is fucking amazing. I was in a downpour in it and stayed completely dry.

The fabric feels a bit like a denim shirt. Perhaps a bit thicker like 6oz or something. Breathes nice. Just all around great jacket for fall. Highly recommend!
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Not for the faint of heart..

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^Ten C? I thought their jackets loose their water resistant properties really fast....
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