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When I need my jackets retaped, I send it to Rainy Pass Repair in Oregon. They're pretty much the best place around; REI works with them for -tex repair. I wouldn't recommend doing seam taping by yourself, as it gets messy and a lot of times it doens't work out (either by fucking with the waterproofness of the fabrics or simply not having enough heat to tape correctly). It's relatively cheap too, a full retaping with wash + re-proofing is about $100, worth it since you're essentially getting a brand new piece back.

Also, nonnative has some very technical pieces out that are well designed. On top of sweet outerwear, goretex lined sneakers and shoes (awesome). This season I wasn't quite impressed with their offerings, but I have an older navy pertex jacket from them that I used for pretty much everything outdoors: multi-day treks into the maritime forests of the Georgia barrier islands, swamp romps in the Okefenokee, daily cycling commutes, and it has held up impressively.

I have a WM jacket as well that is very well thought out, and overall I'm really impressed with the two brands. I have an Isaora 2.5L jacket coming so hopefully that will hold up to my expectations.
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Can someone suggest me a short, very slim fitting, technical jacket ? I am looking for something similar to the typical Northface windjackets. They fit slim and have a nice matt black look. But I don't want it to have any branding!
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are outlier 3-way shorts slim-fitting?
does have sales?
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^They don't normally have sales. I think the only time I remember was when they had a run of short merino tees that they ended up discounting.
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My only true tech piece at the moment (outside of maybe a pair of mixed fabric Isaora pants), this jacket is from the Japanese brand NDG:


Hoping to get more tech pieces soon, would love some White Mountaineering BLK or something similar.
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^Right on for bringing up the WM BLK line in RFT. Some really dope stuff. Any other pics, maybe even of you wearing that? I've only seen the camo NDG fishtail, which I don't think unzips apart like that.

I'm really happy with the UC M-65 I posted in WAYWT. The tag says It's 100% cotton, but it's treated with something polyurethane based and feels like a hard shell. It's got taped seams with the "we make noise not clothes" slogan throughout and it doesn't have the UC patch on the chest like some of the other versions of it or the leathers from the same time. The darted sleeves is a nice touch too.

I just need this to complete my technical military jacket trifecta since my current fishtail parka is wool(I've got the TOJ1/MA-1 in goretex):

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I've had that NDG parka sitting in my closet and never worn it.
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The w+h dyntex lined mountain parkas from a few seasons ago are great. I've used one on a bike in Irish rain for years, and aside from looking a little worse for wear it's held up quite well.
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Originally Posted by London View Post

I've had that NDG parka sitting in my closet and never worn it.

Why not?!?! I love mine, really rain repellent. Funky fit, but it's pretty wearable. Have any more NDG pieces on the techier side?
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There were a bunch of tech-centric NDG pieces on the UK ebay there a few months back. When the went under they must have gotten rid of some remaining stock in London, as there's often interesting bits floating around over here.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

Posting a review of the Ma.strum Defense Parka.
Was going to take pics but freshnessmag's pics are way better anyway.

Sorry if I missed this from before, but how much was it? Looks awesome. 

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Not outerwear, but I picked up a Nanamica wind shirt. Pretty cool design, mesh paneling and coolmax fabric. Too bad that still isn't good enough for Georgia summers.
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Does this seem good for a winter jacket?  I'm not sure if it would be too light, but my winters don't get very harsh.

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It's more of just an outer shell I believe. So unless your winters only get like 60 degrees, you'd probably want something more substantial.
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It won't be warm by itself but it will be waterproof and protect you from the wind, and you can always layer underneath to get that warmth.
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