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Buy some of their trousers or shorts, that's what they're best at. $365 for a very basic schoeller softshell seems excessive
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^ I think it really depends on the cut. I think that's what we're all really paying for right? Tons of companies use the same fabrics, make very similar garments, but these are in a "stylish" cut. I guess it's almost sold out too

Outlier shorts and pants are what they do best. Love the 3 ways, keirin cut... I wanted to try the slim dungarees too, but I think it might be a tad too slim for me. I'm digging the short sleeve shirt as well. Merino henley is pretty awesome, but I got it for a song so that probably sways my opinion a bit.
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Just bought the surf runner trunks from Endless Ammo and they seem in line with other things in this thread.

Stuff like this


and this


might interest some of you. I'll let you know what I think when the trunks come in. Some of their stuff is on sale at Huckberry as well (no affiliation) so check it out.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

shadow project stealth jacket

Grabbed this today while it's on sale.
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Don't know where he got his, but Haven has it for 30% off with smaller sizes left. Good looking jacket.
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I got it from Haven. Ive had my eye on it for a while hoping it would make it to sale season.
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i dont think we've mentioned stutterheim yet..

matte black and white drool.gif
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Good link snow. I wish they had more photos, but from what I can see, that's looks great for someone looking to stay dry but not look like they're about to go camping in the snow or on some paramilitary operation.
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only $500 CAD too
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ma.strum technical hoody

would kop, but sizing doesn't work for me
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Posting a review of the Ma.strum Defense Parka.

Was going to take pics but freshnessmag's pics are way better anyway.




Initial thoughts on construction:
These are not taped seams, in the way that Act'ryx (I cannot be bothered looking up how to spell it) etc tape their seams to be waterproof. It's just standard fabric taping over the seams to stop them unravelling. The Lampo zips and buttons etc are all very nice, but I would've expected proper taped seams at the retail price point, especially considering the jacket is manufactured in China so the labour costs shouldn't be so great. Then again, I do wonder how many of these Gore-specified construction points are all just marketing bullshit.

On the fabric: This is not Gore-tex or a name brand fabric. Initially, this made me think that Ma.strum should be able to manufacture it cheaper since they don't have to pay for the name brand fabric, but then this is a fabric they researched themselves to be waterproof and breatheable. It's a high density cotton sateen with a tricot backing - inspired by the Raso Gommato fabric that was backed with rubber, except this of course led to it being unbreathable, so this development is nice.

The more I research this the more I'm coming to the conclusion that there is no reason to use the Gore-tex fabrics other than as a marketing tool. Waterproof breatheable fabrics are produced through High-density weaving (e.g. ventile, this cotton sateen), micropolymer coating (gore-tex, others), or lamination, and each of these categories have a number of brands coming out with innovative materials.

I really like this fabric because it has the historical geeky Osti reference in the backing, but functionally there's no rubber to peal off and it is also breatheable.

So far I am really enjoying this jacket. I like the design, I like the fabric, it's exactly what I was looking for in a winter jacket. It's not as conceptual as some of the other stuff in this thread but it is an updated military style parka and that is exactly what I needed and I'm happy with it. I was definitely shopping for something that's a bit of a staple and I think i found it.

As for sizing, I am normally a 38-40, or a medium, and I took the large in this for a more layer-friendly fit. True to size would work as well but I wouldn't recommend sizing down. This is a fit without the liner, it's a bit more fitted with the liner inside.

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nice pick up hendrix.

just had a 3 minute heavy down pour so i took the Senz umbrella out for a spin hehe! felt really secure and sturdy.
good coverage too (its a stick umbrella not a pocket)

A++ would buy again
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Cool. Where did you order from again? And it's the Senz mini you got, correct? Reminder to self I still need one.

Edit -- found your earlier post. I see what you mean re: stick vs. pocket (I was still thinking of the pocket version to toss into my bag). Did you get it straight from Senz then?
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The senz website doesn't ship directly to Canada(I think it's only uk) but they link you to umbrella world and that's where I ordered from.
No tracking unfortunately but it was shipped safely in a tube.
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