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Looking for a spring jacket. Thoughts on Veilance Align vs. Arris vs. Isaora 3L?


And just to make sure, there's no chance I will ever find a pair of nikeacg cargos right?



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Can't comment on the Isaora but the Align and Arris are the two most overpriced AV jackets. Love both but at retail you're not getting much money utility for either.


The Align uses a Gore Pro which I would argue breathes better than any other variant but is very loud and the absence of a knit-lining is not ideal for next to skin wear. 


The Arris is basically an amalgamation of the Actuator and Composite. Lower denier fabric and slimmer profile. 

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I RMA'd an Arcteryx Theta AR for an Align jacket, and... while it's nice if you're just looking for a slim-cut minimalist shell, I absolutely hate the pockets on it.

The only usable pockets are the side pockets.

If you have a smartphone that's larger than 5", it'll fit inside the exterior chest pocket but you have to angle it in there in a specific fashion, and it's not easy to take out either.

The inner pockets are too small to really put anything in them.


My AV Insulator Jacket gets a lot more use because all of the pockets on that jacket are useful.

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Thanks for the help. Probably going for the Isaora then mostly because of the price. Half the price of the Align and triple layered, not gore-tex though.

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Anyone ever use Affirm to buy stuff online? I noticed Isaora starting offering it and then I saw it pop up on Patrik Ervell's site today. Layaway for expensive shit? Sounds dope if it isn't a scam, but I'm skeptical.

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god damn the J1B-S is sick


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@S3E5P :

I've never used Affirm to buy online, but I think it's definitely not a scam. The CEO is Max Levchin (cofounder of Paypal), so it's a pretty serious business ;-) Affirm is offering financing plan, so it's mostly proposed for expensive items.


Hope this helps!


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So...I'm thinking hard on the J1B. I'm not experienced with tech, and I don't have much demand for high end stuff. I know the more seasoned folks think Isaora shouldn't even be considered, but I've mostly been satisfied with them. For half the price of the Acronym, I can get the Isaora 3L and some lunarepics. The J1B also uses garbardine which isn't as waterproof as goretex. On the other hand I'll have to wait till the next drop if I don't kop now, and it's just such a sick piece. Would definitely wear it a lot.

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The J1B is awesome (styling wise), but it's actually not super technical. Pretty basic cotton, somewhat heavy feel, no gore-tex lining so not waterproof. It's still my favorite style-wise, but wouldn't be my first pick up. I went in to Darkside to pick up the J1B and left with the J25-WS instead smile.gif
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They got rid of the chest pocket. Not sure if I like that or not as it did serve well for stowing away the detachable hood, and the gaiter, if you had one.

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Is there anything to wear the J1A or J1B with besides more ACR? I imagine they don't go well with black jeans. I was gonna get some guerilla group cargos or wear them with Isaora sweatpants.

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Outlier pants as seen on Aleporte


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Stainless, still left with 2nd degree burn
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probably the best use of mcdonalds coffee.
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Looking for nice sweatpants, nike tech fleeces are too loose up top. Isaora neoprene ones are too short and the waistband is too loose.

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I like the Isaora field sweats but they are also short.
John Elliott sweats are great.
W+H cabin fleece is pretty great.
OAMC also make good, marginally technical sweats.
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