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Ordered and received the Stretchnet insulated shirt. It's a great fit and warm without the weight. Does anyone have experience with the cargo pants, how's the material and the inseam?
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Anyone have experience with Isaora's UX Parka Shell, basically their take on a fishtail? Can't seem to find a review online. I'm curious about their 3L fabric from Japan.

Also, I totally missed out on the Thanksgiving week sale. Do they do post-Christmas/New Year's?

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Cannot say enough good things about the Westcomb pieces I have.  Really have found Polartec Neoshell to be far more comfortable than GTX Pro/Proshell.  While I have several Arc'teryx jackets all made in Canada with the exception of the Hyllus Hoody, have all but stopped wearing them with the exception of the Hyllus.  The Hyllus (formerly Hercules) is the most comfortable technicalish piece of outerwear I own.

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Thought this was funny



A$AP Nast Fires Shots At Travi$ Scott's Style; Starts First Ever Rap Beef About Stone Island
Over the course of seven different videos and five photos (at the time we posted this), Nast repeatedly says he doesn't want any beef with Travis because he's actually a fan of his music, all the while saying that Travis doesn't have his own style. Those five photos he posted were all re-upped from previous posts that focused on Stone Island, essentially asking "Where were you when I was rocking Stone Island in the past?" Which leads us to ask, is this the first rap beef ever that centers around the Italian brand?

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Originally Posted by YoungM View Post

I've only been sort of paying attention to Isaora for the past few years, but I think you're right. Everything seems a bit sleeker, a bit less openly technical. You're spot on about the bonded sweatpants, and I think the field pants look a little sloppy.

On the more positive side, I picked up a pair of sweatpants on sale earlier this year, and they're absolutely perfect. A reasonable drop crotch (noticeable, but not knee length), slim legs, and dope fabric (some sort of japanese woven that I don't really remember the details of). They're also lined in a cotton mesh, which is a really nice detail. Also, just received the neo zip up, and it's excellent. Fabric feels awesome, nice details like a small pocket on the left forearm, and most importantly, a badass, very structured fit. Totally recommend.

The sweatpants are all crazy short if you have long legs. Even despite the "look" they are way too short for me.
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Looking for a plain merino turtleneck baselayer for exercising. Any options besides icebreaker?

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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

Looking for a plain merino turtleneck baselayer for exercising. Any options besides icebreaker?

Rapha has been mentioned before.

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I love Patrik Ervell's more tech stuff like this rain coat. I have the graphite one from a few seasons ago. It's made from an industrial abrasion resistant and waterproof Maharam textile and has all raw seams. 


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Couldn't agree more. The tech-knit sweatshirts are pretty cool as well. Just got Flight Bomber and it's oozing with tech detailing

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Tim Coppens uses tech materials and construction in a similar way to Ervell if you're looking for some other options. I wouldn't necessarily say they are similar designers, just the use of fabrics and things in non-traditional ways are similar.
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Yea, I'd say they're both tech wear inspired but find their creative impetus elsewhere. Coppens likes futuristic paneled pseudo military wear while Ervell owns a period of America few touch. 

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Anyone make a return to Isaora and not receive an update for 2.5+ weeks? I think it';s been 3 weeks now.

2 ignore emails. UPS shows the return as delivered and signed by "Lenny".

First time I had to file a claim with my CC. This will be the last time I will shop with the brand.
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It's taken me 2 weeks to hear from them about my return and refund...they will come through eventually.
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Looking for a spring jacket. Thoughts on Veilance Align vs. Arris vs. Isaora 3L?


And just to make sure, there's no chance I will ever find a pair of nikeacg cargos right?


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If you're willing to spend a little more and got the quickness, Acronym spring '16 drops tomorrow at 12PM EST.

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