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^Thanks for the advice kind sir.
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This looks nice, bit pricey though, getting into high-end tech prices. 


Also, does Acronym sell out this fast every season? I waited an extra week to kop a pair of pants and they sold out everywhere roughly 2-3 weeks after the drop. Second-hand prices are the same or even higher.


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Acroynm (in regular sizes) always sells out. There are the occasional unpopular models but part of the appeal is the limited releases they do, which also explains why the secondhand market is so strong.

2-3 years back I never saw ACR on sale or included in promos, you just had to pay retail. There are a few sites that include them for 15-20% promotions and that's really the best that you can hope for.

Also, really not a fan of the higher end Isaora outerwear pieces. Price/Quality ratio is just not there.
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Do they release the same pieces every season? I was eyeing a pair of P-10s, haven't been able to find anything else like it. 

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More or less. They have their core pieces (like the P10s) that they release every season, usually with minor improvements/differences and in different materials/colours. They sometimes do a one off piece that won't return but it's rare, and usually because it didn't do well.

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p10-ds should be back next season

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So I got a size down in the merino T (large instead of XL) and the fit is still great. The sleeves are extremely tight but that's good for a base layer which what I was going for, the rest of it still fits a little relaxed and the neck opening is looser and length is longer still. So yeah just to confirm go tts if you want it is a stand alone tee and size down for a base layer fit (or tighter fitting stand alone tee).
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hi i'm looking at the mission workshop meridian jacket. does anyone have any experience with the fit? photos seem to suggest it's pretty tight. usually i wear size M: would i need to size up for winter layering? 

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Isaora merino thermal sweaters are online. No XL frown.gif
This is like the borealis sweater all over again.
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They seem sort of redundant with the merino base layers, and expensive for a loungewear piece. I'm holding out for more pants, two weeks ago they said 80% of the stock was online already.


Been wearing the same thing everyday in 40F wet weather, when it's colder in the morning I throw on the Galvanic. Kinda regret not getting virgils in black since I just wear tech stuff with them. Also have no motivation to dress up since this is so comfortable.


Field sweater/Neoprene bonded pants:



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Field sweater looks good. 👌
The thermal sweater is a lot thicker and textured than the baselayer stuff. One is clearly a baselayer/ borderline shirt and the other is a thick knit sweater. The grey is essentially perfect for what I've been wanting - thick rib, plain, warm, merino and a decent price. It's basically like a cheaper version of the lemaire yak/merino sweaters.

EDIT: naval sweater, not thermal.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Isaora merino thermal sweaters are online. No XL frown.gif
This is like the borealis sweater all over again.
Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

EDIT: naval sweater, not thermal.


And the Isaora detailed description for the merino thermal sweaters copies incorrectly from their insulated shirts (button placket, ripstop lining etc);  the combined misinformation had me mightily confused. I would like to see a review of the thermals or the new naval, both look decent.

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Maharishi did some cool stuff this season, some other parkas and bombers look good also

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Maharishi has always been cool. I just don't know if I'm cool enough for Maharishi
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