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...or maybe it's just me being neurotic and overthinking everything.
  • You're invited to a dinner with some of your friends at a restaurant which guarantees your clothes will be saturated in food smells (e.g. Korean BBQ) and are seriously considering a) canceling, b) whether you have enough time to change into clothes you don't care about, c) the cost of the potential dry cleaning bill.
  • One of the primary determining factors for your daily outfit is your wristwatch: a) the type of watch (casual to formal), b) type of watch attachment (strap/bracelet), c) color of the watch attachment, d) dial color, e) "Did I wear this yesterday and am I going to feel I'm being lazy with a repeat performance?"
  • The question, "Should I buy [X]?" is replaced with "I should probably buy [X] even though I have a similar article because [X] has a different button stance, a slightly different fabric composition, is 25% off, and is in my size!"
  • You mentally note the cut, break, jacket length, and tie length of guys you pass on the street- all in about 5 seconds. You also mentally compose emails to them providing advice on said topics in case they're telepathic.
  • Your closet looks like a Pantone array - you have more about 3 jackets for various shades of "blue".
  • You read down to this bullet point. Congrats!

Feel free to add your own!