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i had a question for you guys, being as I have never had canvas shoes before (shocking!) I am going to pick up some all white slip ons to go with my slim jeans i was wondering what you thought were better: some Converse Skid Grip® Slip-On or Vans Classic Slip-On™ Core Classics in general which would you say is more comfortable/durable/lightweight ,etc? or if you have any other recommendations (sorry for the retarded q btw)
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FYI, In th 80's, Louis Boston was one of Vans first Retailers and we sold a boat load of them.

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Originally Posted by freakseam View Post
I apologize for hijacking the thread. Is there a "Can you Identify This?" thread which would be more appropriate?

I saw this photo of John Frusciante and noted the kicks:

Looks to be suede. White outer sole, diamond pattern tread. The tongue may be suede or corduroy. Tongue doesn't have a tag. I did a little-more-than cursory search, thought perhaps they might be Puma The Suede. There was another candidate, but I forget its brand at the moment. However, both were missing something. Hence, this post. Anyone care to venture a guess?

I think they kinda look some quicksilvers that I used to have in black....dunno. I just browsed the selection at zappos and didn't see anything similar.
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Originally Posted by cldpsu View Post
West Coast rap will never amount to the east. sage francis. thats all i have to say.

Hah. I don't think RI can represent the whole East Coast, but Sage is amazing regardless.
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The best shit's from Philly - The Roots and Spank Rock!
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Originally Posted by deputamadre View Post
Hah. I don't think RI can represent the whole East Coast, but Sage is amazing regardless.
"In the world where these girls got retro tattoos / and all I got's a gut, and velcro black shoes..." Probably not vans, though...
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east coast/west coast, ... the 3rd coast is where its at bitches.
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Skaters have always worn Vans at some point or another. There were some pretty hideous designs in the 90s that skaters from my city would get at the Vans outlet store. I'm glad it's gone back to the classic designs. They have a few original styles that I think will remain timeless.
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how do you size chukkas vs other vans? are they the same? my size 11 chukkas feel a bit looser than my size 11 eras. im getting alot of heel slip.
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