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Epperson Mountaineering

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I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to order directly through these guys, and if so, how. I cannot find ANY contact info for them, and the sleuthing I've done through antiquated channels (like the Yellow Pages! And the Libby, MT. Chamber of Commerce!) has yielded absolutely NOTHING. They have no website, a disconnected number, and the old address I can find is now something else (an art gallery or something).

I know Bodega, Park & Bond, Hickorees, etc, all carry their products, and Meg Co./Monitaly routinely utilizes them as manufacturers, so SOMEONE's gotta know the deal.

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Hi there,


Same problem here!

Im searching for hours already!

Did you find anything useful yet?



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I think that this is the case of a new(er) brand, in this case Meg Co., has licensed or bought the name outright of an older brand, Epperson Mountaineering, and is now manufacturing it themselves.

I was initially looking into this because I was looking for a manufacturer to produce an alpine-inspired bag for me, similar to the Climb Pack, but with slightly different specs (different pocketing, different dimensions, etc). I've since found a manufacturer, and I'm now in the design/proto-type phase, and should have a completed product in the next couple of months
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They are owned by Meg Co.

To be quite honest, though I love the styling of their backpacks, I have one, and I really wish they would have reinforced the back, or added a sleeve inside or something. Despite the seemingly high quality, "made in america," and cool vibe, they are pretty uncomfortable to actually use.
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Yeah, that's kind of my problem too... they look great, and that classic Alpine/Climber style pack is my favorite, and I've been using packs like that for a long time. But, no exterior lash points, no padded back panel, and smaller-than-ideal sizes are sort of deal-breakers for me.
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