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Rooting for Portugal but only cuz i can't stand Spains way of play..I ve been saying it's boring for some time.Hope the winner from Germany-Italy wins the whole thing.
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I hope Spain pulls out a win today. I would like to see Spain and Italy in the finals.
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Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington View Post

As much as I don't dislike Spain as a national side, I'm sick of pundits and fans trying to convince me that their style of football isn't boring. The fact that so much ink has been spilled over this issue is a good indication that Spain's deliberate style really is, well, boring. For that reason only I'd like to see the Portuguese hit them with an early goal and then have Spain open up their game a bit to catch up. The outcome matters less to me than the show.
The only team I can't stand that's left is Italy. They can get bent.
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Not a fan of Spain's style of play and i'd like to see Portgual win. Unfortunately will miss the game as I work 8 am to 7 pm today.

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Not sure why Spain are accused of being boring when everybody else lines up against them with a flat back ten. No doubt Portugal will try and do the same and hope their wide players can catch the Spanish on the break.
When Rangers played Barca a few years ago we 'parked the bus' and astonishingly earned a 0-0 (they horsed us in the away league but such is life). We we're slated for using 'disgraceful' tactics by pundits and the media, in spite of having a team costing less than John Terry spends on lawyers. Now it seems it's just accepted if you're playing Barca or Spain you shut up shop, pack your own area and try and snaffle something on the break, no matter how apparently talented (and expensively assembled if it's a club) your own team is.
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In the various reports, Portugal are "claiming" they want to play an open game against the Spanish, retaining possession themselves, etc. Not sure how much I buy into that, but agree that I want a Portuguese upset.
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Bale is staying at Tottenham: signed for four years.
Gareth Bale has signed a new four-year contract with Tottenham, tying him to the London club until 2016...Bale says "I love the club and the fans and I want to play my part in trying to get us back into the Champions League -- where we belong."
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Spain has won trophies and Portugal none...

Even if I hate Ronaldo , I would like to see in the final.

I'm also bored by the Barcelona style of play...

It is interesting with Messi and with him only.
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Originally Posted by saludoalostros View Post

A continent in economic turmoil (the useless bottom half of the continent, at least) decides to duke it out on the football pitch, while showing the rest of the world they really have their priorities straight!


Saludoalostros Predictions



ESP          1


    3           POR


As long as Portugal can get the ball away from Spain, I hope to see Ronaldo and Nani goals.  Spain is overarrated



DEU          3

       0            ITA





No way...
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Well, I cant imagine Spain/Portugal game going scoreless for the full 90 minutes... especially at the current pace.
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Portugal showing some real quality. Very impressive making Spain look uncomfortable.
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portugal is playing very well, hope they can send these fucking spaniards the fuck home.
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worst referee ever ..
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Yeah - that advantage not given to Nani was ridiculous.
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Re: Soccer

As someone of dutch descent, who am i supposed to hate more?

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