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Best pomade/wax

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I have relatively short hair that I wear messy.  Right now I'm using American Crew Fiber, but I'm interested in trying Bumble & Bumble Sumo Wax and TIGI Bed Head Manipulator.  Any insight into these products (particularly comparisons) would be appreciated.
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Without a doubt Black and White is the best. It smells the best and has really great hold that lasts all day; it isn't really that greasy either. Another wax i use is Murry's Beeswax ($2.99). It's the same as any other wax, but the best thing is that its pure beeswax, which holds alot stronger than anthing else, even the sumo waxes. I'd say over the past 3 years i've tried at least 15-20 different types of waxes and they are all pretty much the same. The variations occur only in smell and hold (which should be advertised on the can, so you should expect that). Save your money and just buy the cheaper beeswax.
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All of those products are good. I particularly like Texture Shine from Texture Line, it's not great on hold, but if you have short hair it looks great because the shine is already included. Just use a little hair spray for the finish and you should be okay. Also, if you want to save money, Target offers a wax and pomade Texture Shine-like products for about $4, as opposed to $20 in a salon.
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I personally don't like pomade because it leaves my hair too greasy feeling (maybe I'm putting too much?) But I liked the ones made by Aveda and Rene Furterer. These seemed to be the lightest and didn't weigh my hair down. Personally, I use Kiehl's Creme with Silk Groom. It's great. It holds the style of my hair, but leaves it soft. Once in awhile, I'll use a pomade or a wax if I'm getting close to hair cut time and my hair is on the longish side, or if I'm going to be doing something athletic that day.
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Hey everyone, my name's Allen and I'm new to these boards..just thought that I'd let you guys know Sumo Wax is an excellent product, just like almost everything else that Bumble & bumble makes. Except for their Seaweed shampoo, don't like it too much. Bed Head Manipulator is pretty good, I used to use it alot but it seems as though my hair got used to it after a while and it didn't hold it as well anymore. I've always heard about Black&White Wax and how it is 'one of the best in the world'. This is coming from consumers, not the company itself. Where can I get this stuff? It seems to be made in the UK, and I can never seem to find it in the US anywhere. Any ideas? How much is it? I have used Murray's Beeswax before and I agree, it is very very good. However, I have come across another product that has absolutely awesome hold and you can find it at even dollar stores. It's called Dax Wave & Groom. It comes in a little red can and you can find it almost anywhere in the black people's hair care section. It costs at most $3.00, but most places carry it for no more than $2. Excellent stuff, the only problem is washing it out. I have not found a shampoo yet that is effective in washing it out in less than 3 shampooings. It gets on your nerves, but you learn to deal with it after a while and you really start to appreciate that trade-off with the difficulty in washing it out and the fantastic hold. Also, I hear that Paul Mitchell is coming out with some new Tea Tree line products. I really love the old ones, I've used the Shampoo and Conditioner, the Gel, Wax and the Body Bar. However, I have never used their shaving line nor their new 'Grooming Pomade'. Any news on this from those that have used it yet? Thanks alot... Allen
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Uggh... Dax? I used that stuff once. It's really greasy and dosn't smell that good. Instead try the Murrays Beeswax, it's at the same price point, has stronger hold (if thats what you're looking for), and is oderless. Though I do suggest trying Black and White. It smells really good and has a great clean hold. You can get it here To get the wax out easily, just work shampoo in your hair without water when it is dry, and then rinse.
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I personally don't like pomade because it leaves my hair too greasy feeling (maybe I'm putting too much?)
1. Personally I don't like using pomade because it is not water based and regardless of how much you put in your hair, it will leave your head feeling greasy. This means spending a long time scrubbing it off your scalp, or killing your hair with constant use of cleansing shampoo. 2. Using Murray's wax, in my opinion, should be restricted to black men, as I can't think of ANY hairstyle short of those resembling a porcupine, that needs the strength of Murray's. 3. Pomade might be a great alternative for all wax users. It provides strong instant hold and washes off in a jippie. AmericanCrew Fiber does miracles for me. Just my $ .02
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P.S. TIGI TIGI Bed Head Manipulator is not as good as the salon stylists tell you. Not even close. It is more of a plying paste than a pomade.
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kms makes a great molding paste product, called simply, molding paste, have had great results with it
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I used to really love KMS Molding Paste. However, after a while, it seemed to do the same thing that the Bed Head Manipulator did. It stopped working as well. It used to be one of my fav hair products, though. As someone else said though, the Manipulator wasn't really as good as the salons made it out to be. Most made it out to be some sort of miracle product, which in fact it is not. It is pretty good, but by no means the best that I've tried. Right now I am bringing out my older tube of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Wax *love that line*, and found that my hair still curls at the ends no matter what I do. I want completely straight hair and was wondering what sort of treatment I should have done? I do not want a straightening gel that is only useful until the next shampoo, I want something that will make my hair straight straight until it grows out of course. I have thought about a black people's hair relaxer, any experience with these? I had my hair razored a little more to make a little more lightweight recently, and that seems to help some with the effectiveness of the wax, but still I would like my hair to be straighter. Any suggestions? Allen
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I used Fiber for 2-3 years, but switched to American Crew Grooming Cream and couldn't be happier.
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I used to use Finesse mousse, then recently purchased American Crew pomade. The hairdresser I went to suggested it, and I did find it greasy--the way he did it was put it on with my hair dry. I normally would put on a styling product with my hair towel-dried out of the shower, but I still found the pomade greasy due to my hair still being too dry. So what I would do is wet my hands, shake the water off, and run my hands through my hair to style it after I had applied the pomade. It seems to work in ridding me of the greasy feeling. (I have no idea if this is appropriate use of pomade. lol)
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