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UEFA Euro 2012 Fantasy League

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I have started a Stylish Gentlemen UEFA Fantasy League for the Euro 2012 Championship for those interested.

The site is http://en.euro2012fantasy.uefa.com/

The code is 88983-20486

Good Luck
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Reminder - Euro 2012 Championship starts on Friday.
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Last reminder.

Team selection and/or transfers for Matchday 1 must be confirmed by 08 June 17:45 CET (Central European Time).
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Team name is Automatic
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In, quickly creted a team. My team obviously is "alpha as phuck".
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Made some last minute changes, notable removing Fabregas and Mata because, while I love them as players, I can't be sure they're even going to be starting (and swapped Boateng for Pique to get my piece of the Spanish points pie)

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You are going to have to be hands on to get the best out of your team in this league format as you can change your captain each day and substitute players who have only picked up a point or two manually. So it is best to have your substitutes playing on the last day and sub them for poor performing players if that makes sense.
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Well I suppose it's a good thing I can sub out Szczesny


Also interesting that my negative points are doubled for captaincy

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Thank you Dzagoev; I knew this is the tourney he's gonna shine at!
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Took forever and my team looks like sh!t ... I never did this fantasy league before. My team is the "unstopables"


Good luck everyone.

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Why did I take off Fabregas again?

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Well, at least I've finished in the top ten. I sort of forgot about it until the half final and didn't change my squad until then.
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I dropped to 6th - guess it was my hate of pitty-patty Spanish football with no end result for most of the competition. The final was the other side of the coin, pitty-patty passing with results
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22nd place. I feel good about that, being that this is my first fantasy league. Roll on the Premiership!

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