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Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

Facebook works like crap on Netscape, that much I can tell you.

My elderly father told me he heard the same thing in "The Bonfire" chat room on AOL's Town Square.
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post

A Facebook ad buy generates half as many clicks as a non-Facebook digital ad buy, which is to say that they've taken a totally underwhelming, broken marketing medium and found a way to make it suck more.
Also disease and various pestilence.
In short, Facebook is a dog until further notice.


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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post

Jim Balsillie and the rest of the RIM management team are nodding earnestly in agreement.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

well, sorry i called you absurd, that was uncalled for. ill give you that.
amazon is more complex than facebook? you say so, but i have no proof one way or the other. tbh, i have no way of properly identifying which multi billion dollar monster is more complex. i could say, hell amazon just sells stuff, and lets people sell stuff through them, thats not very complex at all!! ELEVENTYNINER!!! but i have no idea what their complete model looks like, so i dont say things like that.
you again say, as soon as a new and better social network emerges FB will be replaced.
1. dont make that sound so simple. the dude is not a lucky guy, he is probably one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. he understands the social media, and many other landscapes, so much more vastly than almost anyone, such a takeover is highly unlikely imo.
2. if facebeook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world as far as population goes. do you really think getting that many people and businesses and organizations to just more all their media from one platform to another is easy? people have a hard enough time changing their toothpaste brand, imagine moving all their social media? not to mention businesses whose infrastructure relies heavily on FB will also be rather reluctant to move.
on that same vein, FB has gathered almost a billion "people" together. there is money there. just by definition the aggregation of so many people and so much information and data, there is money there. beyond ads, i assure you. where, i dont know, but its there, data is money.
you say FB is overvalued, maybe it is. i have no idea, im not in financials or stock or anything comprable.
ill im saying is, that dont think that taking over FB is an easy task, just waiting for some dude to do it. it would be a monumental one, and that frankly i dont see happening. not to mention the buying power they have, they could likely buy out any potential competitor before it became a true threat.

I get the point that you are making but the main point I was trying to get across was that Facebook is overvalued. I love Facebook and think Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant but he needs to focus on monetizing Facebook. To play ball in Wall Street, you can't fly by with the business model currently in place. I remember I read an article about the complexities of Amazon's model but I just forgot. From what I remember, they control about 1/3 of internet commerce and have warehouses that allow for streamlined shipping. I'm sorry if I made it seem like Facebook is in imminent danger of being taken over. However, I do believe that in the future, it is very possible for Facebook to lose its steam and its users.


This whole situation just reminds me of the whole dot-come bubble.


Also, the data on Facebook is valuable, but Zuckerberg just needs to harness it to make money. I'm not sure but I think there's a few lawsuits going on about data-mining. No real idea though.


Glad we're able to be principled and make concessions :) I felt like I was pretty rude in my last post and I'm sorry about that too.

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its all good dude. smile.gif

amazon has their shit together no question. especially the shipping. being able to tell you to the minute what the cut off is to be guaranteed delivery by a set date is no small feat. i do a lot of shipping in my line of work, and can only dream of a process that streamlined.

heres to concessions! cheers.gif
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