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Can you put these in the corrct order?

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How do these fit into your morning routine? I was thinking of advantages and disadvantages of different sequences of the four following: Shower Shave Aftershave Exfoliating Cleanser
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OK, I thought everyone followed the same routine, but: 1. Shower 2. Exfoliating Cleanser; in the shower, before shaving to loosen up the beard 3. Shave; always after the shower to open up the pores and remove dirt from the face and beard, so you get a clean shave with no irritation. When I used to shave I always did it in the shower. 4. Aftershave; so it stays on the skin all day to soothe any irritation from shaving. Best applied after the shower when the skin is still damp. Check the Art of Shaving website or www.regimens.com for a more in depth answer as to why your morning routine should fit this sequence.
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I shave and exfoliate while in the shower, and don't use an aftershave. The hot steam from the shower helps soften the hairs and open up pores for cleansing. Usually, I shave before exfoliating and cleansing to preserve the natural oils on my face, which helps the blade glide. But some people recommend cleansing first (I'm guessing for safety, in case you cut yourself, but I'm not sure). But if you have dry skin, you may want to shave with a moisturizing shaving gel after the cleansing to help hydrate your skin. I have naturally oily skin that stands up to shaving pretty well, so shaving last usually leaves my face oily/puffy feeling. I may just need a better shaving gel, though. I don't have much aftershave experience, but I assume that would go last.
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thanks... wasn't sure about exfoliating before or after shaving
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I exfoliate/wash my face before shaving...
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