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Watch Winders

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I recently got a second automatic watch and I think it is time to get a watch winder.  I am thinking of either getting a single or dual winder, depending on what I can find.  The only thing is, if I am going to get a watch winder I want it to be closed and have a compartment for cuff links.  I currently have my cuff links in separate boxes (often each link in a separate bag within a box) and think a winder that has space for cuff links would be ideal.


The SF consensus seems to be that Orbita winders are the best.  Unfortunately, I can't find an Orbita winder with a cuff link/accessory compartment. 


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know why you would be hung up on a cufflinks compartment, particularly if it's limiting your choices. Also, I think a winder when you only have two watches is a bit unnecessary but it doesn't hurt. Anyway, cufflinks boxes are pretty easy to come by. Don't get stuck on that.
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