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For Sale:
DROPS! Zegna dress shirts in 16"x34" and 17.5"x36.25"!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Ermenegildo Zegna formal shirt with hidden placket and bib marcella front, in 17.5"x36.25", $49

Neck: 17.5"
Shoulders: 21.5"
Sleeve: 25.5"
Chest: 25"
Chest pocket: no
Collar: spread
Cuff: double, i.e. french
Thick MOP buttons, split yoke on back

This is a wonderful dress shirt with beautiful soft hand, thick, unfused collar collar, bib marcella front, and hidden placket. Take it and look dashing in your dinner suit!

White broadcloth spread collar shirt with french cuffs in 15.5"x35" from Drinkwater's, Cambridge

Bought from Gary Drinkwater, that wonderful man, and affiliate on this website.

Shoulders: 17.75"
sleeves: left: 25.25", right: 25.25"
chest: 22"
BOC: 29"
waist: 19"

Zegna, baby-blue twill cotton shirt in 16.25"x34"


Neck: 16.25"
Shoulders: 19.5"
Sleeve: 24.25"
Chest: 25"
Chest pocket: yes
Collar: semi-spread
Cuff: mitered button cuff, i.e. ‘eyetalian’ in the SF dialect
Very thick MOP buttons, very soft hand

This is a wonderful, soft shirt. Wear it work or wear it with white linen pants by the pool smile.gif!
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