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Showe time...

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Gentleman, All right. I know this is an odd question, but I have to find out if I am in the minority (which I am with most people I know) or just downright weird and out of touch. Ever since I can remember, I have always showered before I went to bed. I shower, shave if I need to, hit the bed clean, wake up and put on deodorant/cologne, fresh clothes, and I'm out the door. It's just the way I have always done and what feels the best for me. Now most people I know shower in the morning, and to me the pure idea seems on many levels counter-productive and on some level kind of disgusting. What is the point of accumulating a whole day's worth of sweat, oil, and grime, sleeping in it for 6-10 hours, and waking up and showering only to go out and repeat the same process. I understand if you want to be fresh when you go to work, but if I sleep clean, I wake up that way. My opinion is also probably influenced by the fact that I live in Oklahoma, and showering in the summer before stepping into 95 degree heat with 90% percent humidity so you can open your front door and instantly sweat will never make sense to me. Now I am not knocking anyone's routine or saying any one way is better, it just always seems that people I talk to shower in the morning, and I sometimes feel weird saying that I didn't shower that morning, I did it the previous night. Odd topic, I know, but I just need some other people's opinions. Thanks. Kevin
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both 'sides' of the question have their merits. for myself, shower-times vary, depending upon what is going on, activities, weather, and's not necessarily limited to a once-a-day thing. morning and night aren't out of the question...and, i'll admit it, sometimes i won't shower at all (.): something akin to the idea of not washing hair each-and-every day and something very dependent upon what i'm doing and where i may need to be, any case, i'm not grungy about it
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Then there is me, somewhat OCD. I can't go to sleep without a shower, and sure as hell can't wake up without one.
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I go to gym in the morning, and I take a shower after that, and then again at night, to wash off the day's grime and go to bed nice and fresh. I don't understand how someone can skip either and feel clean.
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Good points you guys.  I guess I should have included both as an option.   Kevin
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Before indoor plumbing, and even until bathtub manufacturers started looking for more profits, it was considered excessive to bathe any more than once a week. oh yeah and I voted for 'shower at night,' because I work out at night and shower after that.
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it was considered excessive to bathe any more than once a week.
Only in the barbarian west. God, you people are filthy The ancient Egyptians apparently bathed three times a day.
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I shower in the morning for three reasons: 1) I sleep with dogs in my bed -- my hopes of a "clean" sleep are not likely 2) I tend to sweat in my sleep more than I do during the day, so I feel "dirtiest" when I wake up. 3) it is the water hitting my head and shoulders that wakes my mind up the most in the morning and gets my day started with a clear head Yes, we clean and change sheets more than once per week.
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In the morning for me. Need it to wake me up.
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Group me in with the Breakfast Club -- a shower is just as important to me in the morning as a good meal. I try to work out right when I get up and shower right after that. In my opinion, there's no better feeling than being refreshed after a nice run. Although I cast my vote for morning, I'll occasionally take a shower at night (if I've had a particularly gritty day). I just can't go on feeling groggy throughout the day.
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