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Suits for a new job - BB or SuitSupply?

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Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to get a quick consensus on beefing up my suits for a new job. I've always worked in a business casual environment where slacks and a button down were the normal attire, but after being unemployed for a year (!), I just took a client facing job with a financial institution, and will be wearing suits everyday.


I currently have two JAB suits that suffice (charcoal and navy), but I hate how baggy they are, and they don't feel at sharp as I would like. I'm going to get them retailored so they are as good as could be. I also have a Macy's Amalfi suit (navy, tiny blue pinstripes) that is fine for what it is, but I like the cut more than the JAB. 


I want to add three quality suits, and I'm trying to keep them under $500 a piece. I'm 5'9, 173lbs (fluctuates a bit, but been good for a while), sort of broad chest, but kind of average I guess for body type. Not a body-builder, but I like to do cardio to stay somewhat in shape. I prefer things that are slimmer fitting, I can't stand baggyness. I'll be working with high-net worth folks, and I'm not a flashy guy, but I like to look sharp. I'm going to head to BB this evening and check them out, and on Sat I'll be in NYC so I'm going to swing by SuitSupply.


Any thoughts on where I should procure three good work suits for around $500 a piece? THANKS!

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I would recommend SuitSupply, don't have one myself but have handled the product and everything impressed me for the price - the cut is classic and flattering, they've got some great "conservative but still unique" patterns and they'll tailor it for free if you can get to a store (as far as I'm aware).


If you want to look sharp I'd say Suit Supply has the cut that you're probably looking for - I'd update your less good suits with the standard classics such as navy. Their summer collection has some fantastic peak lapels going on so give it a look.

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Both brands seem to be recommended a lot here in SF so why don't you check out both and compare their suits before making your choice.

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Considering your price limit, definitely Suitsupply.
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Best thing for you to do is try on both and see what fits you best. I have a suit supply suit and I do like it but I wish the pants had a higher rise and a bit more room in the legs.
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So I ended up going to both stores and getting suits from each. Overall I enjoyed my shopping experience at SS more, because they really knew what they were talking about and how to pick and choose various options for my body type. The suit I got from them is a Napoli in charcoal, and it definitely made me feel like a million bucks in store, but it's a more modern cut and tailored a little tighter to my body than the BB. At BB I picked up two Fitzgerald cuts, one navy striped suit, and one plain navy in their summer weight. 


Once I pick them up from alterations and wear them a few times, I'll report back on how I feel about them.

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What are your measurements and what size did you purchase? I too am interested in the Napoli

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