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A Thought Experiment: Your 7 Day Travel Wardrobe - Mediterranean Edition

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Title say it all really, you are going on a vacation to Italy, for 7 days in summer. Thanks to airline regulations you have just one holdall 24"x12"x12" in which to pack an efficient, but stylish array of outfits.

What do you select for versatility, appropriateness and style?

Notes: expect good weather, and a range of activities with emphasis more towards the City Break than the beach holiday.

My Contribution:

1 x Beige Linen Suit (worn on flight)
1 x Chestnut brogues (worn on flight)
1 x Light cotton shirt ( Worn on Flight)

2 x Shorts, one white and one navy (for those with tanned, muscular legs, not chicken feet)
4 x Shirts in Cotton - Blue/White, White, Blue
4 x Shirts in Linen - Whites, Blues and Mixes again
2 x Slim Chinos - Navy, Stone

1 x Blue Suede moccasins or loafers
1 x Brown belt
1 x Blue linen Tie
3 x White cotton handkerchief
1 x Watch with brown strap
1 x Pair of cuff-links to compliment watch

(Underwear, dopp kit etc are all assumed)

Have at it, SF. Contribute your own list, or decimate mine in the name of constructive criticism!
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You have too many shirts and pants, especially if you're trying to pack everything on your list in one bag. For 7 days, plan on using the hotel laundry service which will allow you to reduce the number of items you pack and the weight.

I'm currently on a trip in Asia and have with me:

2 dress shirts

1 casual OCBD shirt (wore on the plane)

1 polo shirt

1 pair khakis (wore on the plane)

1 pair shorts

1 navy suit (I wear the jacket with khaki pants for business casual events; also wore jacket on plane)

1 pair NB sneakers for running and to wear casually with shorts

1 pair running shorts

1 running shirt

1 pair Alden shell longwings for dress and casual wear (wore on plane)

2 ties

Undies and toiletries

iPad, phone, and documents

All of this is packed in a 20" trunk case and a briefcase.
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Hmm, here's an MC-leaning list:

Harrington or light zip-up jacket (In case of cool or rainy/windy days)
Light Merino/cotton sweater in Grey (see above)

Tan Leather or Snuff Suede Chukkas
Clean white sneakers

1 x Khaki Chinos
1 x Navy Cotton/Linen Chinos
1x Shorts - red, berry, other bright colour

4 x blue/white/patterned cotton sport shirts
2 x fitted tee

1 x d-ring ribbon belt

1 x analog watch

1x sunglasses

4 x undies and socks - hand wash.

Camera, toiletries, notebook, pen, etc.

Fits in my carry-on approved duffel with room for some purchases biggrin.gif

I'm not at the level of wearing suits and SC's on vacation yet, and those I own are lined cotton/wool and can only really be comfortably worn in fall/winter/spring. If you are inclined or have business to do, then go right ahead!
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7 days messing around in Mediterranean cities is a very, very familiar scenario to just about anyone in the UK, I think. My list's therefore fairly similar to Blackhood's, although I prefer taking linen separates instead of his linen suit, and I don't wear shorts. I do take a pair of swimming trunks though, as you might want a dip in a hotel pool for instance. In addition, I take a small suitcase to check-in onto the flight as I prefer to avoid the need to trust hotel laundries, so in reality I pack more pairs of trousers, shirts, polos, shoes & sundries than listed below.


But for the purposes playing along with his carry-on only restriction, and assuming use of the hotel laundry:



- off-white linen jacket

- brown linen trousers

- white OCBD

- chestnut loafers and brown belt

- panama hat

- as for a watch, I take a quartz Seamaster on a metal bracelet. Perfect for travel, as you don't worry about it getting knocked about or anything.



- 2 x linen or cotton trousers (stone, tan, or another colour depending on mood)

- 1 x brightly-coloured linen shirt (e.g. pink or fuschia)

- 2 x normal-coloured cotton or linen shirts (white, pale blue, blue stripes, etc, and at least one has a normal collar in case I need to wear a tie one night)

- 3 x polos (sunny but not crazy colours)

- casual-ish but sober tie just in case

- white cotton hankies

- swimming trunks

- suede shoes of some kind, possibly chukkas if I'm going anywhere near the countryside. If I'm taking chukkas, I'll wear them on the plane and pack the loafers.

- usual other sundries


If that still doesn't fit in the carry-on (as I say, I usually take a suitcase, so it's difficult for me to judge carry-on only wardrobes), then ditch the bright shirt and one of the polos, then if needed one of the pairs of trousers, and make even more use of the hotel laundry.

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No shorts unless you're going hiking.

Blazer instead of suit.

Add light weight cotton sweater for evenings.
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that's the least favorite thing for me when it comes to traveling, packing. a couple of shirts, light-colored trousers, slip on shoes..

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Originally Posted by Nicola View Post

Blazer instead of suit.
Add light weight cotton sweater for evenings.

+1 to this.
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