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its all about lifestyle change. Some people just cant do it. I am trying to reduce all my carbs and honestly, its not as difficult as I imagined. I am enjoying more veggies than I ever have before and have lost 10 pounds without doing much out of the ordinary other than tweak my diet.

I dont think REDUCING your carb intake is bad. Most people dont realize they probably shovel in 3x as much as they need. Cut out the lazy-mans pasta and cereal at every meal and put in a salad for lunch and your body will respond.
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I lost 40 lbs via Atkins/low carb about 6 years ago and have kept it off via a normal healthy diet plus exercise. So, it worked for me although I would not repeat induction unless I were really fat again. I do however watch my sugar and other simple carbs and from time to time will get hardcore about it for a couple weeks if I want to cut up a bit.
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It all depends on your body-type and genetics. Some people react better to a high-carb diet, while others react better to a high-fat diet. Personally, I prefer a low-carb, high-fat diet; I find that my energy levels are much higher, and I don't feel heavy/slow for the rest of the day. On top of that, it's a fact that manipulating carb intake can greatly influence fat storage because of its effect on insulin levels. The Atkins diet works, it's just a matter of how extreme you want to take it.
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Atkins diet works but like most diets, the participants gain back the weight after they stop the diets. The best combo anyone trying to lose weight needs to do is to exercise and cut down on the amount of calories consumed.
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I've lost 45lbs since June of 2008 by not eating anything processed and cutting out sodas. Took about two weeks to get rid of the goldfish and pretzel cravings.
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