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Suit Suggestions for $500?

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I own a few suits but I'm looking to pick up my first good-fitting suit in the $500 range. I live in Los Angeles and am 28 years old if that makes a difference.


I want something that is versatile - can be worn to business meetings, weddings, parties, etc. For this I would think a standard solid charcoal or navy suit would be best? What kind of shops should I be looking at?


Also, I am a slimmer guy - 5'9" at 155 lbs. The suits I own seem like the arms are too big. Whenever I look at magazines such as GQ the suits usually fit like a glove and the arms are slimmed down, the torso looks slimmer, etc. Would a good tailor be able to make all these adjustments or do I need to buy a suit that already fits like this before taking it to a tailor? Any suggestions on tailors in LA?


Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm in the same boat as you ...

Start by going to a good tailor and getting all of your measurements taken because a 38S in one brand can differ than a 38S in another, and so on.

From what I can tell, shoulders are really the only thing on a suit jacket that are difficult or sometimes impossible to change. All the stuff you mentioned can be done although you'd rather not have to shorten your jacket sleeves to the point where all the buttons need to be re-done.

As for brands ... you can get stuff like Brooks Brothers on sale for this price and you can find Zegna suits in consignment stores for this price.

Stuff like Alfani and some Hugo Boss retail for $500 and I'd pass on those. I'd much prefer to take the extra time and find a Zegna or the like.

At least you live in a major city so there should be plenty of consignment options.
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Oh, and maybe go with navy for your first suit since it's the preferred choice for a job interview suit.
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Go to and look at their house Benjamin line of suits. I just picked one up and it compares fairly well with my Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece in Fitzgerald cut. Reportedly the Benjamin suits are fully canvassed, though I'll admit I haven't checked my own.

For ~$500, it's a pretty good value.
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Yes, standard charcoal and navy would be the best choices for your first suit. You might want to try SuitSupply (you'd have to order online, I don't htink they have a shop in LA - but it's free shipping both ways). Searching through consignment stores is another option. For slightly more money, you could try Thick as Thieves or Kent Wang's new MTM service. Given that you're in LA, Thick as Thieves may be the way to go (if you are 42" chest or smaller, they don't make bigger). I don't have any personal experience, but they seem to have a good reputation on this site.
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+1 on suit supply...slim fitting and decent quality.
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I'd try on the brook brothers first.

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I'd give Brooks Brothers a try too - their corporate sale is coming up too so if you can get access to the corporate discount - you'd get 25-30% (someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember it being around that range).

If you really just wanna go slim, I'd say for around $350 you might find a two piece suit from Ben Sherman at a Nordstrom Rack - the quality will not be amazing but it has a pretty modern fit and worked pretty well for me when I tried it on. I think their slim fit is called "King's fit". I'd also go with the double vented back...
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one more vote for BB. I am fairly unadventurous, my professional wardrobe is pretty much all BB acquired during semi-annual sales. the next one should be in mid-June.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. So far I'm liking Thick as Thieves. I'll check out these other places. I think BB is a little more than I want to spend.

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Originally Posted by thekosmicdesign View Post

I'll check out these other places. I think BB is a little more than I want to spend.

Check out the B&S. You can easily get a BB suit for under $500 from seller Steve Smith. Lots of other options too
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BB has some of their Milano (very slim) suits on sale online right now.
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theres a tailor in koreatown (italian custom tailors) that does bespoke work starting at 600.

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Originally Posted by dialect View Post

theres a tailor in koreatown (italian custom tailors) that does bespoke work starting at 600.

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The new affiliate Ricks has them for that price. Have not tried one, but they look decent and are half canvassed.
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