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Thinking about buying these for 275ish:


Is svensson stuff good for the money? Are these good for jeans/button front/blazer? Thanks. 

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All of their shoes are like common projects, doucal's, daniele allesandrini, etc. Most, if not all of their shoes are made in italian factories. When people ask if common projects are quality, it is sort of a loaded question. Some models are good, some are poor. It depends what model and what factory they are made in. I can't give you a definitive answer based on what shoes you posted, but my inclination is that they are a pretty good deal. You probably aren't saving a whole lot, so it's not a deal or anything but it is a reasonable value. You might take a hit if you go to resell due to lack of brand awareness but assuming you know your CP size it should be the same.
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Does anyone have information pertaining to stockists?

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you mean like
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Can anyone comment on the quality and fit of a Svensson Cloud Knit over a Stark?
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Another question: Were the Svensson classic white lows a one off thing or are they updated each season? Do they have any major online stockists? (They are basically unfindeable right now.) I actually like their look more than the CP Achilles.
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Can anyone weigh in on sizing on these?
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Fwiw, I ended up pulling the trigger on their black low top that looks an awful lot like Common Projects Achilles. Anyway, I got their 46 which is a great fit for me. I typically wear a 13 in a Nike or Adidas sneaker, but measure more like a 12.5 on a Brannock and wear dress shoes like a 12 in the Alden Barrie last. Barker Blacks in an 11 UK / US 12 fit me well too. Allen Edmonds 12s are a pretty tight squeeze for me. Prefer Edward Greens in a 12/12.5 as the 11.5/12 has proven too tight over time. Peal & Co. 12s are similar to Allen Edmonds on me, being a tight squeeze but somewhat tolerable. As far as comparing to other high end sneakers, they are really similar fit to a pair of Bally I have which I are marked a US 12. Dunno if this will help anyone, but hope it does.
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^ From where?
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Originally Posted by aphelan View Post

Can anyone comment on the quality and fit of a Svensson Cloud Knit over a Stark?

I can first hand.......

Cloud is softer, more luxurious feeling and I personally like it better. It's a great piece. Fit is about the same, I hover around a 42" chest and I wear an XL in the Cloud comfortable, not tight whatsoever.
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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

^ From where?

Believe it was their online store. Google Svensson shop
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Yes, direct from the online shop. Looks like they only have their version of GATs left:
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