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Barbour Tokito SS13 - Now Online

We'll be shooting these on bodies soon but the stock photos will have to do for now. As always feel free to PM me or email Rori with any questions (or international inquiries; the webstore currently only works for the states)

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Red Wing, Rancourt, & 3sixteen are excluded from our sale, but most of our spring merchandise can be had for a limited time at a great price

going on through the weekend! discounts are applied at checkout; also feel free to contact us via phone or email

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Our Spring Rancourt Buy is Online & In Shop Now

See more HERE
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I posted this over in the Rancourt thread, but figured I'd share here, as well:


Took some quick photos of my dark olive CXL beefrolls that I got from Portland Dry Goods.  They're a custom makeup that PDG is stocking in-store (also available to over over the phone), so I got all sorts of cool/unique details, but didn't have to pay the $50 customization fee.  The leather is stunning (just barely olive, so super versatile) and the soles are fantastic (I'm like a silent ninja in these, plus the heel keeps them a bit more formal/attractive than a crepe wedge sole).  Definitely my new favorite sole for summer shoes.   Props to Dustin at PDG for brainstorming this makeup.


Album here.


Edit:  No clue why the welt looks so prominent/dominant here.  I can assure you they look sleek in real life.  Still my favorite pennies that I've seen anywhere.

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Engineered Garments SS14 Available In Store

See what else we picked up in the EG Summer 2014 General Discussion

PS: Jeff those photos are dynamite! thanks for sharing -D.O.
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Thanks Dustin & the rest of the PDG team. I stopped by earlier this week and while browsing the sale rack, I came across a great EG piece that I couldn't resist. It was the navy cotton/wool light jacket from FW13. I couldn't be happier with the purchase and as usual I had a brief and enjoyable chat. Of particular note was some gorgeous Barbour x Norton & Sons jackets and knits as well as the Barbour Dept. B Commander jacket in navy. It's a stunning piece in Barbour's ubiquitous olive/green but is very unique in navy.


PDG is a "must visit "for me when in the area for business.

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Can I request better pictures of the university stripe oxfords from NEsCo?


The pictures on the website are really small.



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