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Good to hear! would love to meet you guys, be sure to speak up when you come in.

that being said, I'm personally going to be out for the next few days for market week down in nyc - keep an eye out for me and dave down at capsule.

the shop will still be open, and Paul can definitely point you in the direction of some stuff. I'll be in wednesday (if im not asleep on my livingroom floor thanks to the new york experience)


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Corter's Bottle opener key hooks are in in three different casts - fantastic tool under 40 bucks

I can probably get pretty flexible on shipping with these seeing as theyre so tiny. get at me!
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I think I saw on your blog that you're having a sale...any chance you can show us what's on sale via this thread?
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Originally Posted by ElDave View Post

I think I saw on your blog that you're having a sale...any chance you can show us what's on sale via this thread?

of course!

obviously there is quite a bit on sale in shop; most if not all of gant rugger, plectrum, EG, gitman, and other fall items are 25% off - outerwear is discounted to 40%

we still have quite a few EG Shooting Jackets (M, L, XL) in Cordlane, and a single chambray dayton shirt left in a large. Shirting availability varies. pm me with any specifics and I can see what I can do for you.

we've also begun to receive fall stock, which you will be seeing soon!

feel free to PM or email me with any specific curiosities at

-Dustin Otton
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Apolis x Portland Dry Goods: Local + Global

Click through on the title for a nice feature I helped bring to life on the town and neighborhood I work in. Totes cost 68 Dollars USD and are pretty excellent; coated canvas on the inside, natural leather handles, and handsome overall. Even if you dont find yourself repping Portland on yours you should seek out an alternative from apolis if youre in the market for a nice tote.

If you guys find yourselves in town I'd happily elaborate on any of this stuff; many of these products and places are a huge part of my lifestyle!
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Sorry for the radio silence guys - buying season is crazy as a one man show.

Fall 2012 New Arrivals

Chup Socks

Blue and red quickly sold out. These are one of our first products made in Japan and the level of quality is quickly recognizable when you first slip them on. Never have I had a sock where the heel seems to snap into place such as it does with these.


New blood from Ontario, these guys do jersey just as well as the other canadian guys. Their crewneck sweatshirt features a heather olive large loop terrycloth. The shirt jacket is cut from thick wool with contrast pocket flaps and yoke; really tough piece, would serve as good outerwear for mild decembers, and could be layered up on in real harsh conditions.


Premium Sneakers in classic styles; Fall brings an oxford inspired by the Clarks desert boot, with a slimmer profile

Next, a premium take on the vans slip-on

considering the ubiquity of this shoe it should be no surprise that an upscaled model is warmly welcomed here.

Thanks for your continued support. expect more frequent updates now that I have a free minute! any inquiries can be sent via PM or emailed to


Dustin O.
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How much for the Chup socks? I got hooked on Sunny Sports socks, but it's hard to find the ones I like, and I run through socks fast enough that I'm not sure I need 30 pairs of $40+ socks
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we've got them here for 29.50. I believe we're getting some from anonymousism soon that are in a similar price range as well, and yeah, pricy socks are addicting as shit. I secretly hope to have all my hanes athletics swapped out with marled japanese madness by 2013
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Any idea when you will get the Fall Gitman in stock? I will be passing through in the next few weeks hopefully.

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Haven't seen anything from them yet but we have a couple styles qued up. should be here soon; we've also got some private label goods in the works that should be arriving shortly
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Naked & Famous Fall 2012

Indigo Corduroy

The same Slim or Weird cut you know from the jeans in a rich blue corduroy fabric. Allegedly ages like jeans do, but we believe that means you're dealing with loose dye. fades could be kind of neat considering the nature of the fabric outside of it's dye; till then you have a handsome 5 pocket alternative

Duck Cloth Pant

You know the drill with these if you follow N&F. we're offering them in the weird guy cut this season
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Check The Rancourt Thread for a Brief Recap of our MTO Shoe Event
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So yeah, we don't exactly stock Diet Butcher Slim Skin or MMM in here, and we probably won't... ever. However, the photography in this magazine is dynamite, I still love to read about these heavy hitters in the industry, and no one else in this town sells this magazine so we got 20 copies - Hoping they go fast. 12 USD. Will ship wherever but I'll try my best to keep shipping costs down since I know how much of a pain it is to pay double for a magazine just cause your local bookstore doesn't have it (eagerly waiting on a copy of Obscura from the other side of America as we speak baldy[1].gif)

more updates soon; our first private label shirt of the season arrived yesterday, and we've recently got some other really excellent stuff
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Psyched.  I hope to have a chance to swing by to pick up a copy before they're gone.  I really only read their blog, so I have no idea how their print magazine is, but it sounds promising/interesting.

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