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Wings + Horns SS16 First Delivery

Base 1x1 Rib Hoodies - if you're familiar with the brand, you've probably seen these before. They haven't changed; still super lightweight tee shirt like fabric cut as a mid layer - perfect for warmer weather.

The Vented Linen Parka is a new summer piece made with a gorgeous linen bonded mesh fabric. the linen is so light that you can actually see the mesh through it - the fabric even seems to change in direct light. it's a pretty unique textile, and they cut it with all sorts of technical details to keep the jacket comfortable.
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Reigning Champ Delivery 1 SS16

Hi All,

We've received a restock in the core midweight program reigning champ fans have learned to love, as well as some interesting deviations from the classic (that dont stray too far). check out the new Slim Sweatpant, double mesh pullover, and some new additions to Reigning Champ's Sea to Sky line of performance based pieces. As always, I can get into detail - just PM me with any inquiries
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Though we're nearing a place where our brand list is fairly set in stone, we've picked up a small handful of new things in the mens department. Handvaerk is a particularly exciting inclusion, though photos dont quite do it justice. nevertheless, we've got them online to look at.

if you live nearby, you should really come in and feel these in person. softest all cotton tees I've ever felt. the hand blows my visvim tee shirt way out of the water. its an expensive tee, but you get far more than you pay for. best of all it's a family business; the designer has blood ties to textile weavers and cut & sew operations in Peru.

We've also added more products from Wings + Horns, Engineered Garments, Adidas, and more, with lots to come. we're in full swing of the season. Keep an eye out for private label shirting soon - I didn't think I'd be getting excited about madras this year, but its march and here I am.

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Private Label Shirting - SS16

Good Morning! I'm happy to say we've received our buy of Portland Dry Goods shirting for spring, almost entirely composed of breathable fabrics. expect a heavy rotation of Linen, Seersucker, and lightweight Madras - particularly the red or mustard plaids, which are some of the most unique color palates i've seen in a madras at this shop

Short Sleeve is also an option, for the first time in a while -

You can see most of our selection right here; a handful of more options will make their way onto the web in the following weeks.

There's not too many sneakerheads in the PDG rotation but we've been stocking a handful of Adidas projects recently; it doesn't take a die hard to want to grab some crazy sneakers now and then - we're launching the Adidas x Kolor Boost tomorrow morning, so I've thrown in a photo of that as well. For whatever reason we could only order half sizes, but I'm tempted to size down half a size from my normal fit and grab a pair of these. they're incredibly comfortable and unique.

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Engineered Garments: Delivery 3

I think this is the last of our EG Pickup; you can see everything in the official EG Thread or on our website under their brand category.

if you've got all of the EG classics in the closet already, you ought to check out the Black Denim bedford - very interesting piece, super overdyed and crinkly out of the box. 7.5oz denim makes for a summer ready alternative to your favorite levis Type III.

Snow Peak: Delivery 1

EG Fans should also take a liking to this stuff if they haven't seen it before - the designer for Snow Peak apparel actually worked with Daiki for some time. the bonus here is that many of these jackets use technical fabrics that EG doesn't, so you can find something thats waterproof, or even fire resistant. Snow Peak will be on the web very soon, but here's a quick smattering.

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Battenwear SS16

Another one for the EG heads - Shinya Hasegawa has worked with Daiki on Woolwich Woolen Mills in the past, and since has launched a great label of hike & surf classics, full of references from the "golden age" of semi-technical. Parkas, Anoraks, and Hawaiian shirts make up the bulk of our SS16 roundup. We're particularly big fans of the Cloudburster Jacket, a mid-length 65/35 parka with a detachable hood and a design that reminds us of the Barbour classics that we've been selling for years.

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[New Arrivals] Spring / Summer Footwear

I'm going to break this down by brand; we just received a ton of our footwear options in store, from welted hikers to tech sandals, there's a lot to break down.


These guys should be pretty familiar at this point - classic hiking boot from Oregon. Welted one piece construction, Gore-Tex waterproof membrane. Really comfortable from the get go. The Timber leather is my favorite of the two - a bit of unevenness in the color; I have a feeling these will beat up real nice.


Extra excited for this brand - Karhu is a Finnish training sneaker brand that's supplied Scandinavia for nearly a century. They started out making javelins for the olympics, but gained popularity for their running shoes after their factory workers started taking home medals. We've got two styles in the pipeline from them - the albatross (above) is a super classic low key trainer. We'll be launching another style - the Synchron - in store in a month or so. Moving forward we're hoping to make this our go-to for men's sneakers, so come check them out.


Seavees is a brand we've worked with before, and we're happy to have them back. Their business is the embodiment of Californian leisure. most styles are essentially upgraded "Vans" like shoes - sleeker lasts, and better materials (linen canvas and supple pigskin make up most of our buys). We've got a couple styles for men, as well as a sizable women's collection.

Adidas / Y-3

Something out of left field - we grabbed the Raf Smiths in copper for men, and silver for women (though they run them as "unisex sizing". give me a shout if you want the european size relative to the ones we have). I have no idea how these are going to break in, pretty excellent statement sneakers. We also grabbed the Qasa Sandal from Y-3 for anyone in that teva/suicoke mindset. big tubular outsole is super comfortable, and the nylon strap setup seems pretty structured, I don't expect these to stretch out.

This isn't everything for the season - we're expecting new Rancourt stock during the summer, and perhaps some more boot styles in the near future too (shouts to our customers and coworkers who wear boots year round).
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Karhu Synchron

Happy 100th Anniversary to our new sneaker brand, Karhu. Today we're releasing a throwback model called the Synchron; this shoe could be the new balance alternative people have wanted for some time. dual density midsole, air cushion technology, and cross toe lacing to keep the shoe snug after hundreds of wears. the OG is reminiscent of Karhu's first ever Synchron, upgraded with a nicely textured pigskin.

Check them out on our webshop, along with the aforementioned Albatross.
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We've just added some gear to the web preparing for warmer temperatures, now that we're (almost) sure that winter is far behind us.

Gitman Vintage

Styleforum knows these guys like the back of their hand at this point, but we've got some unique offerings from them including some Italian multi stripe oxfords, and some cotton Hawaiian shirts. Gitman is branching out with some new styles that we're excited to take advantage of for summer.

Portland Dry Goods

Our long running collaboration with New England Shirting Co. continues on this year with a return to linen. our linen is crunchy, yet soft. it offers great color and texture, and will be incredibly comfortable in the heat, wherever you are.
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Spring Sale

Enter code PDGSPRINGTHING for 30% all items excluding Red Wing & 3sixteen on the Portland Dry Goods web shop.

For EG or other things you cant directly buy from the web, just shoot me an email and we can apply the discount manually.
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Wanted to pass this along for anyone nearby this weekend! Come learn how to re-wax your favorite Filson gear with our rep.

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Originally Posted by Portland Dry Goods View Post

Wanted to pass this along for anyone nearby this weekend! Come learn how to re-wax your favorite Filson gear with our rep.

Can you please roll in a Palace Diner Fried Chicken Friday Saturday with this?  If so, I'll just be there the whole day.

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Originally Posted by cathpah View Post

Can you please roll in a Palace Diner Fried Chicken Friday Saturday with this?  If so, I'll just be there the whole day.

honestly FCF should be available at the shop every friday. dreaming big today.
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Summer Sneakers

Some things to take a look at on our web shop:


Premium Californian canvas styles - the Hermosa Plimsol we just received uses a linen canvas rather than 100% cotton, which naturally makes it more breathable and gives it a subtle texture. We find Seavees' lasts to be a bit sleeker than competitors (vans comes to mind), and we've had a good experience with the brand over the years that we've stocked their products. sub $100 means the price to try them isn't all that bad.


We had a great release with the Karhu Synchron OG and nearly sold out, so we restocked some key sizes where we could. We've also received another color way, the Synchron Navy.

Lastly, we've marked down our Adidas selection from earlier in the spring. if you've been eyeing anything on the web there, take another look and make sure you lock your size in at 30% off.

down the road we'll have a few more footwear options, notably from Rancourt. excited to update you guys on that once we have them!
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More footwear updates for you guys:

Our first half of our Rancourt delivery is in. Some womens, a new boat shoe style (more details to come), and restocked beefrolls in Olive. we're still waiting on our Kudu to those of you who have been checking in, I'm as excited as you are to get them!

In the meantime, we have a very special product we put together with Waltzing Matilda USA. Limited size run, made by hand and signed by the maker - deck shoes sewn from salvaged swedish military bags. These are available in store and on the web now

We're trying to be the best destination for Handsewns in the world, so I hope you enjoy what we've got in store for you for the future!
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