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A day at the spa

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Howdy fellas. It's been awhile, but I've been swamped with tons of school work plus extracurricular events. Anyway, because of that busy schedule, I completely overstressed myself and slacked off in a few classes last semester. I'll be able to average it out this time around, but I wasn't too pleased. Anyway, with that and Prom coming up, I decided to treat myself to a facial. And I've got to say, I left like this " " the fact of having a rather cute attendent (what is the technical name for a spa worker?) helped as well. I just wanted to share this new-found love with you. Oh, and does anyone frequent a day spa? If so, what have you found to be the most relaxing treatment? Thanks guys. Glad to be back.
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What exactly does a facial consist of? I really have no idea, but I think I would like to try it. The only spa-type of thing I've ever done was get a professional massage, which is really really relaxing. While in Mexico I went to this "massage parlor" which turned out to be a whorehouse. Needless to say it was interesting...
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Although facials will vary from spa to spa, a facial generally consists of a steam to open up the pores, a cleansing treatment, an exfoliation treatment, and a head and neck massage.  I find it very relaxing and try to go once a month. For anyone who lives in the Washington, DC area, I highly recommend the Grooming Lounge, located at 1745 L Street, NW.  It's a barbershop/spa geared toward men that opened less than two months ago and has been sucking large chunks of my paycheck ever since.  And yes, the female employees are attractive.  I don't think this is a coincidence.
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Any of you New York guys know of a men's spa? Thc, Dragonfly?
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AmbulanceChaser, I'm sure the looks of the female employees are no coincidence. You did say the place was geared towards men, eh? Also, Mike C., the facial is to open up and clean out your pores. They don't really "pick" at them, but they do kind of prod around. Oh one question, throughout the whole thing, my eyes are closed and at one point, I had little slivers of paper over them. Around this time, she took out what sounded like a taser (bc it had an electrical hum) was I ever worried.. Turns out it had a larger surface than just two metal teeth. It was more of a "paddle." She rubbed it on my face and it was very smooth. What exactly does this do?
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Hey Mike C. I haven't been to one yet in the city, but I've heard good reviews for Nickel and SkinCareLab. Both have services tailored for men. I'm not sure if they have websites, but you probably can check them out first in the Internet.
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Yeah, the best one for men is SkinCareLab. It's a little pricey though, and I haven't been in awhile. Facials are b/t $120-$150. But every guest gets their own private room and the aestheticians are very professional and know their stuff. The decor is cool too--lots of steel walls. Be careful of the heavy sales push at the end though to buy skin care products. A couple of others to check out are Oasis, Paul Lebrecque at the Reebok Sports Club, Aveda Spa, Equinox Spa, and Origins at Chelsea Piers. But actually, most places in the city though are pretty unisex and plenty of guys go to these places. For instance, lots of men go to Bliss, Georgette Klinger, Lia Schorr, etc. The ones I mentioned before are probably the most "masculine" though.
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I just learned of another day spa that just opened. It is the Nickel day spa from the French skincare line of the same name. The spa is men only and seems pretty reasonably priced (although, still not cheap.) The good thing is that between 2-4 PM on Tues-Fri, they take 15% off of their services. The website for the line is
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