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RLPL ads don't come off as too ironic; I'm of the school that they're sincere. Isaia on the other hand has a great ad campaign. Exhibit A:
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I do like RL's 2010 campaign videos and I wished they made more. The soundtrack empowers the imagery very well. Like others have said, it is a false aesthetic (i.e. playing tennis in a trench coat?) but provides a sense of luxury and power. Which is the point of the campaign.
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Spring collection 2012,


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I love the RL ads. The dramatic undertones with minute detail are what they shoot for, and they nail it. Now, they may take themselves too seriously, but they're building an image of respectable, elegant clothing. A couple humourous ads; while fun and light, would probably just undercut the overall brand and image they're trying to portray. They've pigeonholed themselves, but in a way that works.
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I would like to have Hermes Man icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif of (with apologies to the shark fin soup detractors) to chime in.....
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What do you mean, the Hermes models in RLPL?

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