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Dieting Software

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Hey guys,

I need to work on my diet and am wondering if you can point me towards some useful tools for this- specifically, software that will help me track my calorie intake and show me where I need to be. I dont want to wear something around like a bodybugg, I just want something where I can input foods and activity and get a nice visual representation of progress.

About me- I'm about 215 right now. I really dont know what my bf% is- a quick online check says 19%, but I know those dont work very well. I would like to cut down to about 185~190 and to maybe 10~12% bodyfat. I'm old enough now that my metabolism has slowed, so I really need to get my diet in line and I have a hell of a time with it. I lifted for years and started doing crossfit off and on last year. Now, I exclusively do crossfit and powerlifting classes and try to go at least 4x per week.

P.S. I'm aware of the controversy crossfit disciples stir up and I'm not one of those who thinks it's the only way or necessarily the best program. I enjoy it and I have become stronger and faster, but I respect that it's not for everyone.
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Thanks! I'll check it out.
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The software is pretty good as well.

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+1 for livestrong. Get the paid version for the site. It lets you drag foods between days if you have eaten the same thing on more than one day in the week. There is an iphone app also.
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Thus far I've been using both fitday and livestrong. The free version of fitday will let you do a little more than the free version of livestrong, but the livestrong software has a better database and the interface is nicer. I'm thinking I might do the paid version of livestrong. If there are other suggestions I am happy to try them out. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
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Originally Posted by pascal View Post

It's strange that the database is so small, because it appears that this site is basically a marketing site for Beyond Diet. Have you tried Beyond Diet? If so, thoughts?
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Oh ya beyond diet is good I tried and very much satisfied with the service.


boite beaute

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