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Suede Upper Calf Shoes

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These can look really great. Can I wear an oxford with Suede Upper and polished black calf "lower" to work with a worsted wool suit?

I cant say I have seen it before but it doesn't seem that noticeable.

Examples are sort of hard to find but here is one.



Here is G&G's in a monk

I'd love to see more examples if you guys have them.
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Edward Green Claverton - chameleon antique with loden suede

This is one of my trio of Claverton's and the only with a suede upper - worn with a jacket (tweed) and trousers combo. Personally I would not wear with a suit, not even a black calf/suede combo; however, think it works well for non-work environments when you want to wear suit but dress it down slightly.

In terms of a black calfskin/suede combo, I think it would work better with a flannel suit.

I prefer this style of suede over suede-only, not fond of suede-only shoes any more; although I do have a pair of C&J loafers that are suede-only
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I have seen some nice versions of this in the Caulaincourt attelier in Paris. They don't appear to be on their website though.
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Thanks. The EG you linked is very nice looking.


I am still on the fence about wearing with a suit. At work most of the time I walk around without a jacket, and some guys wear ugly ferragamo type loafers so I could probably get away with it. The G&G's in my first screenshot might prove to be irresistible.
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I prefer the EG to the GG.

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I would be perfectly happy wearing either of those pairs with a suit.
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vass also makes them mto.
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