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Anybody make their own green drinks or smoothies?. As a very diet conscious individual (well, for the last 2 years or so) I've been wanting to start a health drink regimen.

Right now I just buy whole food powders and mix those in my trusty blender bottle. Products like this:

I like this method and it's easy to do on-the-go, but I want to expand my program considerably and make my own "custom" mixed smoothies. Please suggest blenders, recipes, tips, products, etc.
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Smoothies are generally sugar bombs, headed straight for your lardbelly.

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I want to try an avocado smoothie. Google it.
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Originally Posted by Jackie Treehorn View Post

Smoothies are generally sugar bombs, headed straight for your lardbelly.

I agree. To be honest I'm more into green drinks, which generally contain FAR less sugar than smoothies
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well, i drink green smoothies that include lots of fruit. i use lots of bananas and other sweet fruits like mangos along with spinach or kale. i use young thai coconut water as a base. this makes for a filling meal.

the thing is, you feel a great amount of energy from this which in turn makes you want to exercise. its fuel.
i couldnt gain fat if i tried. i think starchy carbs would contribute more to that since they take longer to digest. fruits when eaten on an empty stomach will digest effortlessly and be ready to use as fuel.
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+1 to sugar bomb comment. Vitamix for blender. Eat fruit; blend vegetables if you want. But that destroys valuable fiber.
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