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dual-tracking employment inquiries

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A couple months ago I had several rounds of interviews at a hedge fund. I received great feedback but they ultimately hired someone with a couple more years experience.

A headhunter recently brought me an opportunity that is coincidentally at the same fund -- apparently they are expanding this particular strategy quickly and need another junior person. She told me she knows the people at the fund quite well and would call them.

She spoke to the COO, who I also met, but the portfolio manager (who would probably make the decision) was out of the office. The COO told the headhunter they all liked me except someone unexpectedly overqualified showed up, and would discuss internally.

The headhunter acknowledged that she wouldnt be getting paid for this since I had found the company originally. Only because I'm really paranoid -- should I reach out directly to the PM with a short note? Dont love the idea of going through an unincentivized headhunter...

Note: To clarify, I'll still mention I spoke to the headhunter because my goal isn't to cut her out of the process -- it's to just use the direct contact I have.
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i'd make sure to speak with the pm, but at the same time making sure that it's clear to them that the headhunter has brought you the opportunity. i've been in a very similar situation before and while you don't want to destroy goodwill with the headhunter, in the end your interest are not really aligned and you want to make sure to take care of yourself.
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Headhunters can be real whores. Reach out directly, discretely.
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Thanks. Sent the PM an email a few days ago but have not heard back -- position was posted three weeks ago and took about 5 to fill last time. Am not optimistic but would like to get some honest feedback, so would it be appropriate to follow up with the headhunter even though I'm a "waste" of her time?

I'm just very perplexed given the extremely strong response I received initially. I was led to believe I actually had more experience than they needed but I guess if someone comes around with even more and is willing to do the job, then it makes sense to take them. That said, I think this time they are really looking for someone junior and given where this firm is located, have a hard time believing I'm not among the most qualified people at that level. (Also confused why only a couple months after interviewing a whole slew of people, they aren't just taking someone from that slate. Even if I was only third- or fourth-best, why not just take #2 and save the time and money?) The lack of feedback now is frustrating...would at least like to hear from someone what I can do better or different.
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