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Originally Posted by Poloboy View Post

Your suit jacket is way to short. This looks horrible, and there is no alteration that will fix this.
Say what?

It might be a touch short, but hardly "way too short"
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Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post

Say what?
It might be a touch short, but hardly "way too short"

Like I said, take the opinion of someone who judges the fit of something he can't see with a grain of salt.

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Ignore poloboy - he clearly has never been an interviewer for a finance company.  You look fine - get the trousers lengthened and for interview purposes you're good to go.  Worry about prepping for your interviews.  Worrying about your suit beyond just getting the trousers lengthened is wasting time - you'll be way beyond the point of diminishing marginal returns if the goal is to get a finance job.  Spend any additional time you have on prepping for the interviews.  Lengthened trousers and you're ready on the clothing side.


Like has been said here before - you're not expected to look like a million bucks - you're a college student.  The goal is to look presentable.  And you're almost there - just fix the trouser length.

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Originally Posted by emc894 View Post

Be careful not to look too flash by wearing cufflinks or obnoxious tie. Overall, they know youre in college and will cut you some slack.

Agreed 100%
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Originally Posted by Poloboy View Post

People telling you this suit only needs minor alterations to look better are lying to you.
Your suit jacket is way to short. This looks horrible, and there is no alteration that will fix this.
The gorge of the suit is way to high, and looks bad.
Your sleeves are currently two different lengths, but should still be shorter to show equal cuff.
The suit jacket is to small for you in the shoulders, and this just makes your collar roll worse.
Even though you do not show the fit of the trousers, I feel safe in saying that the waist, seat, and rise are probably a bad fit also.
The trouser length is way to short, and make you look like a clown.
Forget about tapering your pants. This fad will only create more problems for you.
I would definitely get rid of this suit, and purchase one that fits you correctly.
You are destined to make a bad first impression on any potential interviewer you meet.

I agree that the jacket shoulders seem too small, they look especially small in the picture of you walking from behind as you can see the material pulling around your right shoulder. Length of jacket may be a touch short, but not bad. Gorge is not to high, I hate low gorge suits. Reasonable tapering of trousers is not a "fad" it is just a good fit. I personally dislike baggy trousers or swimming in material. Yours are not too bad, but could use a touch of tapering to make the suit appear more fitted. Overall, its not bad, but I dont think there is much you can do with the shoulders. Do they feel tight?
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I don't think the jacket is overly short, looks like you have longish arms. Your shirt sleeve appears to be slightly short and like others suggest lengthen the trousers. The ripples on the back can be easily fix by a competent tailor.
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Originally Posted by lostintranslation View Post

Lastly, any thoughts on the tie? It's just a regular repp tie by Brooks as well. Would there be a more fitting tie for this suit?

Wear solid navy socks, and fix the pants length before you worry about the tie, which looks fine. I'd personally go with something more like this:

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I feel the suit shoulder is not a good fit. It may just be the picture (last picture) .It seems that the shoulder pad is sitting higher than your shoulder. Pants a bit short. But its not too bad.
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To the OP - the OCD fit-obsessed people giving you advice on the minutiae of fit are ENTIRELY missing the context of your question.  You're a 22 year old college senior who clearly came on this board for some basic advice.  They are picking apart your suit to the nth degree.  I also can get obsessive about fit - but I'm a 34 year old guy who enjoys clothes and style for their own sake.


For YOUR purposes - ignore these style-nerds.  Style geeks is what they are (I am too, I admit it) - which is fine for its time and place.


But your utility needs to be maximized - as a finance interviewee I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.


Fix the pants length - then go STUDY for your damn interview and ignore idiots who are arguing about the gorge height of your suit.  Your interviewer could CARE LESS.


As a 22 year old college senior going to interviews a suit that fits reasonably well is all you need to signal that you are ready for the job.  And you have that.


Fix the pants - then study to ace your interview.


Ignore the rest of the noise on this thread.


Best of luck.

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Originally Posted by lalaland View Post


Fix the pants - then study to ace your interview.


This, and avoid putting bulky items in your trouser pockets.

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It really is more of a confidence thing then anything else (besides fixing the trousers in this case).


I just finished the finance interview marathon for various internships and in the end what you wear doesn't particularly matter. I always went with a charcoal or navy to avoid the general sea of black suits around me, but it was more for me then anything the interviewer could judge me on.


In fact in one interview for an unnamed major technology consulting firm I had to help one of the other candidates before his interview because he didn't know how to tie a tie. In the end out of the twelve people to make it to the final round he got the job. Why? Because he had the qualifications that they were looking for and they had an opening that fit him well.


In the end I became good friends with the kid who got that internship and I can tell you he wore an H&M poly-blend suit that didn't really fit him and borrowed his roommate's shirt. He didn't know any better and thereby it had no effect whatsoever on his confidence.


It will come down to the impression you make on the interviewer and how confident you feel. Be prepared and read their 10k ect.and try be interesting beyond just a machine answering questions.


Good Luck!

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I agree with the majority of the comments that the suit is not perfect, but more than meets your needs.

I would suggest:

1. As mentioned many times, lengthen the trousers.
2. A shirt with longer sleeves. I would also check the Right jacket sleeve - it seems off, but it could just me the photo.
3. Lose the striped socks and go with solid navy. You don't want them to remember you as "fun socks guy." It would more likely be "goofy socks guy."
4. Prepare well and then try to relax. Confidence is huge and being able to interact in a natural, confident and relaxed way will serve you well.
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I like the pants to be a little longer.

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Your fine- the fact that you are concerned about looking your best is good- money, a personal trainer and a decent tailor will fix you right up later.
Most people look like hell that wear suits, consider this a non-issue. better to work on conversation skills or interview skills.

For proof- stop on the street at noon or in the morning and watch the people go into the buildings.


Good luck!

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Your posture needs more help than your suit; unless you're just standing like that for the photographs, the way you carry yourself does not project a shred of confidence.


Chin up, shoulders back; your suit isn't worth a damn if you look meek and introverted while wearing it.

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