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I'm intrigued, I've been thinking about getting a briefcase recently. $400 sounds like a very reasonable price point.
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Likewise. Maker would be greatly appreciated.

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Nice looking bag.
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Originally Posted by sonvolt10 View Post

Are we ready to disclose the maker of the briefcase?

Pretty soon. My review has been delayed because I sent it back to have a pocket removed from the interior.
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Originally Posted by furo View Post

Pretty soon. My review has been delayed because I sent it back to have a pocket removed from the interior.


I feel like I came to this thread at just the right time.

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I'm confused. Why the reluctance to disclose who makes the bag?

With all due respect, what does your review have to do with providing the manufacturer?
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I get the feeling he doesn't want to endorse the brand if it doesn't meet the standard.  I have no problem with this.

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Yes, I respect that.
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Any updates?

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Yeah. The case is made by The Sawyer Cabinet Co. The online store is here. It's a small operation out of PA that uses veg tanned bridle leather. Everything is hand made, with no machining involved.

The pluses:
  • Price (very reasonable considering the amount of hand stitching and materials used)
  • Durable construction (solid feel, stitches look great, very few moving pieces to wear down over time)
  • Customization options (easy to work with, great responsiveness to questions, reasonable pricing)
  • Aesthetic (pleasing and simple to the eye, no awkward angles or proportions, subtle yet catchy, distinguishable from any bag I've seen on the market)
  • Shoulder strap comes standard w/ every bag (also made of english bridle, adjustable, and with brass hardware)
  • Hardware (solid brass available along with nickel - and placement of hardware is non obtrusive nor oversized)

  • Veg tanned leather, as it comes, is highly susceptible to water stains (recommend treating this prior to regular use)
  • Used glue in some areas where stitching would be preferred (wrap around straps are double-layered but glued together... as of now the maker does not have a thicker side to work with but will be ordering that in the future, so expect this minus to go away when a thicker strap can be cut, eliminating the need to glue two straps together)
  • Heavy - not a minus for everyone, but when loaded with laptop and other materials, the bag can be burdensome. However, it's no heavier than the SAB cases of this size made of bridle leather

Overall I'd rate this bag a solid 9/10 based on the limited use I've gotten so far. I'll continue to post pics down the road when I feel like it.
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Thank you

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If you're keen on using shoulder straps often, I'd almost ask for (and not sure how you'd think of this) stainless steel ... perhaps roughed up - because brass will wear extremely quickly, if you carry the thing satchel-style.


Beautiful case otherwise - are you going to be using a spray protectant or a wax based type protectant?

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I plan on a spray protectant. I need to dampen the whole bag first and even out the water spots that got on the bag from some rain
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Hi everyone,


My name is Chris and I run The Sawyer Cabinet Co. out of my home workshop near Philadelphia, PA. I have only been working with leather for about two years, so I appreciate the kind words, helpful tips and suggestions on the briefcase. 

Regarding Furo's pro's and con's list (glad there are more pro's than con's!) I will add this:


- As stated, I will soon be carrying a 12-14 oz. leather for use on straps instead of doubling up the 6-7 oz stuff that the rest of the bag is made from. This was simply the only way to get the desired results at the time, which in hindsight were not ideal, but in the near future there will be no glued parts anywhere on my products. And I have reassured Furo that I will replace the doubled straps with thicker single piece straps. 
- I have recently raised the cost of my bags, (lucky for Furo he got his and one for his wife -which is currently in the works- ordered before that haha!). It was simply costing me more and taking more time to make the lower price worthwhile for me. I build my bags in my spare time between a full time job, rock and roll band, wife & child, church, etc. $525-$550 is what I am asking now depending on options, which I think is more than fair considering you are receiving a completely hand built briefcase using amazing materials. Custom orders are a little more depending on what is being asked for.
- Along with the aforementioned single layer straps, I have other updates in the works including using only waxed linen thread instead of nylon, and better edge finishing techniques. 


I strive to make the best products I can, and I learn more about my craft, my materials and my designs with every piece I build. Furo can attest that I am more than willing to work with a customer until they are 100% satisfied with their bag, hence replacing his straps, removing the original pocket, etc. I hate to think that I am sending out a product that fails in any way to live up to mine or the customers standards.


Feel free to contact me at, with questions, or place an order here. I am very welcoming of custom orders, and also do a variety of small goods, including iPhone/iPad sleeves, wallets, bracelets, guitar straps and whatever else you may want made out of leather (minus, like, bondage gear or something haha).


Thanks again, 


Chris / TSCC

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Originally Posted by SawyerCabinetCo View Post

Hi everyone,

Feel free to contact me at, with questions, or place an order here.

Welcome Chris! Thanks for the info on your company. I think you had a typo in the link to your site, which I corrected in the quoted portion here (was missing an "a").
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