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Why should it be either or?

Get both.
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For a third suit, I think a solid charcoal may be more versatile than getting a pinstripe, unless you really like pinstripe suits. I don't know how old you are, but in general I think navy pinstripes look better than gray pinstripes in younger individuals. Maybe it's just my personal preference, but a pinstripe or chalkstripe gray suit seems like it is more suitable for older individuals.
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I'm a huge fan of pinstripe suits and I don't think you could go wrong with either choice, but if I were you I'd go for a navy pinstripe suit. I have both colors and surprisingly I get more wear and more compliments out of the navy suit.

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I think you first should get a charcoal solid suit (next to solid navy this is the essential suit) to have the basics covered. For pinstripes / chalkstripes I like navy best, followed by light grey.
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I am not a good source of advise because I do not like grey suits. I would go for another blue and then yet another blue... :) 

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A stripe on a grey ground would be less 'aggressive' than one on a navy ground and definitely less aggressive than on one a black ground.


For a first venture into the 'stripe' world I would suggest a charcoal grey chalk in a full-milled cloth. A slightly fuzzed out look, oft mistaken for flannel. Very English.


I have several.

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I would pick a pinstripe suit in charcoal.

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Originally Posted by Macallan View Post

In terms of your collection, charcoal may be better; although I prefer navy striped over charcoal striped

Have you considered charcoal flannel before moving onto stripes?

How about a charcoal pinstripe flannel?

Personally, I far prefer charcoal pinstripe to navy pinstripe. I have two charcoal pinstripes, and zero navy pinstripes- and I like it that way. Going with charcoal makes much more sense in terms of your collection too, so that seems like the clear winner to me.
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I prefer DARK navy (midnight blue) with white pinstripes to make the pinstripes stand out. Also double breasted.
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The correct answer is to get both smile.gif

I do love a mid-grey flannel chalkstripe though. Preferably in a three-piece. One of these days...
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