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I need to lose some wait : (

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I've gained a lot of weight over the winter and I need to get built again. What's the best way to lose weight fast? I'm a naturally athletic guy, so I should be able to get in shape as easy if not easier than the average person. I just broke up with my girlfriend of two years (no need to worry, we're still dating...just nothing serious), so I need to get myself up to peak physical shape now that I'm back on the market. I know most of you probably don't care but I'm a guy who dwells on my looks and REALLY loves girls, so this transformation is important. Thanks...
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Low intensity cardio (running, bike, etc) on a frequent basis.. i.e. 6 days a week. Make sure you keep the intensity low otherwise you won't be burning fat. Also, strength training helps because muscle mass will burn calories much faster in order to maintain itself. I don't feel qualified to comment on the dietary aspects, but if you look around some sites (menshealth.com comes to mind) you can find all sorts of pointers as well. But the basics of athletic fitness are frequent low intensity cardio + strength training.
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Whoa, this is one loaded question...there's tons of stuff to discuss. There is a lot of disagreement when it comes to fitness questions, but I think most people would agree that diet is the most important factor in losing weight. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a quick fix. Just consume less calories than you burn, and you will lose weight. Here is a good place to start: Men's Health Clean Eating Thread The only caveat in that thread is the recommended protein may be off a little. There is a lot of controversy as to how much protein you should eat, so I'll let you decide that one. As far as your workout routine, I'd mix it up. Doing "fat burn" workouts burn the most fat during the exercise, but adding muscle mass will probably burn more fat in the long run. Fat burn day: To burn the most fat, you have to work at no more than approx 65% of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum HR is probably 220-(your age). Hop on a treadmill/bike/ellipical etc for an hour. I advise you bring a book or watch TV. Cardio day: Hop on a machine and work at no less than 85% of your maxHR. Do this for at least 25 minutes. Weight training: lots of different ways to approach this. I like the routines from here. (Yeah, I know this website is a little over the top, but the workouts are solid). Right now, I'm lifting 3 days a week. On the days between lifting, I alternate between a cardio and fat-burn workout. Workout often, watch and keep track of what you eat, and you'll be on your way. My advice: be patient - think of how long it took to get out of shape, don't expect to be in your prime again in 3 weeks. Good luck.
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Thanks for the pointers. And sorry for writing "wait" instead of "weight" in the topic title. I'm not braindead...honestly...
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Just an interesting point: I just read a study that showed a group of active men (sometime in the 1920's or 30's, I think) who were told to remain bedridden for a week. Immediately after the week, their physical specs were taken. 50 years later, after the average toll 50 years takes on the human body, their physical specs were again taken (note: the study said these men remained fairly physically inactive during those 50 years), and they were found to be remarkably similar to the earlier specs. It is supposed to show that a week of being dormant is just as bad as decades of being dormant. Another, slightly humorous point: I was watching that Regis show and they had a very good looking 30-something mother on. She said "I finally found what worked for me. I run everyday." I had to laugh. Running works for everybody. Screw diets, pills, hypnosis, whatever. If you run until you puke 3 times a week, you're gonna lose weight and you're gonna lose it fast. Remember high school wrestling, when we could lose 5 pounds in an hour? Sure, it might have been just water-weight, but then again, you'll never see an overweight wrestler.
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I agree with Renault.  The absolute number one thing involved in changing your body (getting big, losing weight) is diet.  I would go so far as to say diet is about 90% of it and what you do in the gym is only about 10%.  If you're like me and trying to get big, the popular saying "You grow outside of the gym, not in it" holds true.  It's how you rebuild the house (your body) after you tear it down.  You give your body the stimulus of weights, but it's what you do after that makes all the difference on how it will change in teh way you want it.  If you work out 6 days a week but eat like crap and don't get enough protein, you're not going anywhere.  Same for losing weight.  Get your diet right, and slowly up the cardio; no need to kill yourself or shock your body too bad at first.  And make sure you are taking a protein supplement unless you can eat like a horse 6 times a day.  FLEX magazine recommends a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, which is a great number to follow.  Even if you're not bulking, protein provides countless benefits.  Also, make sure you eat 5-6 meals a day.  People are usually shocked when I say that to those trying to lose weight, but it is vital.  When you eat every 2-4 hours you keep your metabolism constant and therefore your fat burning.  It's what you eat, not how much.  A meal doesn't have to be anything big either.  A protein shake and a banana can count as one.  And when you do weigh yourself, do it first thing in the morning and only do it about every 2 weeks.  Your body can change by 3-5 pounds everyday and if you get obsessive about it you'll go nuts.  Also, don't ignore the best thing that will tell you if your results are paying off - the mirror.  And I've gone on long enough, but I love this subject and like to help people out in this area so let me know if you have any more questions. Kevin
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hey, is that Arbok? lol
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