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Custom v. designer

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This is an issue that was first raised by Glenn O'Brien in the January issue of GQ, in which he stated that every man deserves to be the fit model at least once.  Is it a better idea to get a decent off-the-rack designer suit like, say, Corneliani (which I think goes for around $600 at Off Fifth) and have the jacket altered and pants completely recut to account for my larger drop or to just go the custom suit route?
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In this case, "better" is a matter of budget. A custom suit beats an altered off-the-rack, all else being equal, but it's going to cost you a lot more. Look at where you are in your career, and at your spending priorities. Remember, unless your physique is truly bizarre, nobody needs a custom suit. So, if it's going to involve serious belt-tightening to buy the suit (the avoidance of which is what I thought was the whole point ), ask yourself how much you want it, vs. what you'd spend the money on if you decided to go with the Corneliani.
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AC: If you're going to pay over 1K, I'd definitely look into custom. I might be able to help you locate a good tailor if you want to e-mail me off list and tell me where you're looking. Here's a possible rule of thumb- your suit purchases should roughly equate to your gross income (if you wear them often enough to justify the expense). If you make over 100K- you can afford a $1000 suit, if you make $60K, budget $600. But definitely buy a $1200 Corneliani for $600 on sale....
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Um, holy necrobump?
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Let us start at the beginning...
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But seriously, Savile Row is not a bad place to start. I remember that we had a fairly involved conversation about the Huntsman jacket, waaaaayyyyyyyy back in the day.
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Nothing man. I'm just a razzing you. I know that we encourage members to use existing threads.

However, this thread was started in 2002. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the forum last year.
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Custom made is still cheaper than designer suits. Plus it would be shame to use your designer suits for everyday wear in the office.

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I have nothing much to add, I just wanted to post in the oldest thread I've ever seen.
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But, hey, now that I'm here. Go MTM. Hemrajani MTM starts at $800
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